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  1. I am currently in the LPN to RN program @ Trident. I started this past summer (which was just transition classes since I already have my LPN) and this fall is when our "real classes" started. Try your best to keep not only up with the reading, but AHEAD. I dont know how the beginning classes were since I did my LPN at OCtech. Do you have any experience at all in the health care field (CNA or something?) that would be beneficial just to get you used to the whole nurse/healthcare setting which some people actually have a harder time with that than actual disease processes/ nursing interventions. I would suggest going ahead and trying to learn about the nursing process and care plans and learning your basic lab values and what they mean ahead of time if you havent already done so just to give you a leg up. Good luck to you! And you are right, anything worth having is hard, so you have the right idea and I think you will do just fine.
  2. :yeah: I just wanted to share that I will be starting the LPN-RN program @ Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC this summer! Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today! I will start this summer with a transition course and be finished May 2012. This has been a long time coming and I cant wait to get it started and get finished! Also, i found it pretty funny that on the acceptance letter there is a portion where you check "yes" or "no" if you would like to accept your spot in the program! How crazy would that be to say "no" after jumping through hoops to get in! lol
  3. leeae85

    Verbal attack by co-worker

    First off-you seem like an Awesome nurse & don't let others try to make you feel bad about doing such a wonderful job. Sure there are some days when you won't be able to pick up the extra slack, but thank goodness you do or there seems like their would be an awful lot more problems on your unit. How unprofessional of that nurse to berate you for you reminding her of policies! I would of let her just kept on fussing at me and write the write-up right in front of her!
  4. Hi. Can someone help me out? I have tried looking through Excelsior's website, but I can not find out the difference between their Associate in Science and their Assoiciate in Applied Science? What classes are different? I am trying to figure out what route I should go. Thanks!
  5. leeae85

    LPNs Salary Poll. I might use this for new job. HELP?

    Charleston, SC 2 years experience Psych hospital 15.50 base pay, with $3 eve/night diff and $5 weekend diff old job in Charleston for nursing/rehab home-20.80 base pay.
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if those who have taken the CPNE can share what the most difficult skills they had to perform while being tested? And, if they have ever been through a DHEC survey were someone watches them, is this what the CPNE feels like? Thanks in advance!:wink2:
  7. leeae85

    dry cracked heels

    I have a Ped-Egg and LOVE it! Might be a silly question-but what do the stridex pads do for the cracked /dry heels?
  8. leeae85

    nurses writing admission orders

    I'm pretty sure at the rehab nursing home where i used to work used to do the same thing, and we never had any problems with it. Whenever the patient was d/c'd from the hospital, on his d/c summary there was a specific list of d/c meds and d/c orders, and we would write those out as admit orders, call the on-call md/np and they would approve, and usually add some lab work to the orders. I figured that was just standard practice.
  9. leeae85

    Nurses Right to Know HIV/AIDS Positive Status

    I agree with what you are saying, but I know someone is going to throw in "Well, that's why we have Universal Precautions...blah, blah, blah". Which I'm sure everybody is aware of, but even knowing that rule I understand your feelings that you feel that you have a right to know. And thats a good point you make about the MRSA, and VRE, we always get that information, how come we don't get the HIV/AIDS info? I guess if he is taking meds for it that would be one red flag.
  10. leeae85

    Nursing Club President

    First off Congratualtions! I really can't help you with the responsibilities portion, but I do have an easy idea for a fundraiser! (Which I usually dont like because they take too much time and commitment) but whenever registration of spring classes start and your school is like mine, there is ALWAYS a line a mile long waiting to get registered or waiting to get books, and the nursing program would always have a table set up with snacks and drinks. If you can catch pepsi's or coke's on sale when two 12 packs are 5 dollars, you can make some $$ of that and some brownies or cookies. They always turned out good when they had it! and Its something you really dont have to put too much precious time or effort into it! Good Luck!
  11. leeae85

    Universal Health Care and Wages

    I was just wondering about Universal Health Care and if in fact it would greatly affect nurse's salaries? Anyone from Europe or Canada who has dealt with this personally? Thanks in advance for any input!
  12. leeae85

    Psych clients who refuse to take medication

    What age group is it? I work at a RTC, and if the kids there get into a tiff about their meds, I just calmly let them know that refusing medication will warrant a write up that I will be sending to their therapist, and they could possibly not transition to the next level. It's about 90% effective!
  13. i unfortunately do not have any miracle stories, but that last story about the man on X Mas day made me cry! What a blessing!:heartbeat
  14. leeae85

    Need advice: quit or stay?

    How many times has this yelling/finger pointing happened? Once is more than enough for me! You should be able to feel safe & comfortable in your work environment. You said that mgt is not always there, which to a degree IS nice, but someone needs to be there to be the referee! What is the problems you are having with the CNA's? Is it because you were once "one of them" now you're an RN? I wouldn't put up with crap. As an RN, you have WAY too many other doors to choose, and I would find something else if the problems continued.
  15. leeae85

    Couldnt put in a foley!!

    Don't feel bad! What helped me was always volunteering to put one in if someone needs it. I work in LTC and I put in a lot more foleys than I thought I would be doing, I also do an lot on in/outs for UA/C&S. The nurse I work opposite of has a hard times with caths, but is good at blood draws, and I'm the opposite, so we pretty much help each other out. One trick I've learned is if you are having a REAL hard time seeing the meatus, and even visualizing the anatomy, sometimes it helps having the patient lie on their side, kind of like in a fetal position with their legs drawn up. I have to do that alot esp. when the little old ladies can't get their legs open wide enough for me to get in there. Good luck & keep on trying!:nuke:
  16. leeae85

    Orienting a new nurse...need advice

    I've been an LPN for 2 years, so I consider myself a new nurse. I remember my first nursing job and the nurse that was orientating me. I thought she was pretty "gruff". She kind of reminded me of the troll under the bridge in that story Billy Goats Gruff or something like that. I love her to death now, but I was so scared of her! Your new nurse is probably scared, nervous, excited and wanting to please you all at the same time. You sound like you would be a wonderful nurse to shadow, so she's probably just wanting to make sure she has all her bases covered. I think all the text book nursing is going to stick with her for awhile. The only way she will learn all the real world nursing is to get a heavier patient load. That way she'll learn how to cut corners (but good corners) in all her assesments and such. Hang in there!!!!