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OK, I'll go first---- It was a busy day in our pediatric office (what day isn't??) and I was running ragged, rooming patients, helping other staff, etc. and in between crises helping answer the... Read More

  1. by   LEN-RN
    Quote from sharona97
    Working in a clinic, I went to call the patient's name and instead yelled out the pizza place who sent him in (w/c).

    That is funny
  2. by   BanoraWhite
    I sat a patient up in bed for her meal and told her I would "put her down" in a minute My nurse in charge called me the Grim Reaper! Hahaha.
  3. by   carbaminohemoglobin
    Quote from McBx3
    The worst one I can think of (and believe me there are plenty!), is when I was a new grad, and a CNA was helping me change the attends of a dementia pt. I ended up putting it on upside down, with the sticky tabs on top, and I told the CNA, "Sorry I'm not so good at this... I don't have kids." She shot me this "WTH" look, and I realized what I'd said. I was sooo embarrassed. First and last time that I ever compared an adult pt to an infant :uhoh21:
    I don't see anything wrong with this. You weren't comparing the pt to an infant; you were talking about diapers. But I can see how it might have offended an oriented pt.
  4. by   Mahage
    Quote from KidsRNstill
    OK, I'll go first----

    It was a busy day in our pediatric office (what day isn't??) and I was running ragged, rooming patients, helping other staff, etc. and in between crises helping answer the phones-----I picked up a line that had been on hold for a while and chirped "Thank you for helping--can I hold you???" Needless to say, a good laugh was had by all.... :chuckle

    Or the time I was working in the hospital and had walked in a patient's room. He was asleep; his phone rang and I answered it--it was his family, checking on how he was doing. My reply--"Oh, he's dead to the world..." (Southern for "He's sleeping peacefully"). "WHAT???" "Uh (prying foot out of mouth), I mean, he's fast asleep....".

    Yikes!!! PLEASE make me feel not so all alone by relating some goofy things YOU'VE said....

    As a student nurse I was thrilled to be able to hold the leg of a young hispanic woman who was finishing a hard labor. The young husband was in the labor room and was very supportive of his wife. The baby did not cry as quickly as we all hoped and the doctor told him in English that the baby would be okay she was just "tired" (cansado) once she started crying. He clearly did not understand and appeared more than a little distressed. Since I was so proud of my ability to communicate with this young couple in broken Spanish, I told him in my best Spanish that his baby was (casado) "married." He immediately said firmly in English, "No, she is NOT CASADO she is bebe!" I quickly appropriately apoligized for my mistake and we both had a good laugh along with the couple of staff who also spoke some Spanish. Given the stress he had been through he needed one. He will have a good story to tell her about the vieja who said that she was married at birth!

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    The craziest thing i ever did was to take a blind patient to the door of the dialysis room and expect him to find his own chair. In my own defense i was not a nurse then, hadn't even worked with many blind people in my first few days as a dialysis Social Worker. I figured it out when he said politely, "Uh, mam could you walk me over there please?" I could have gone through the floor especially since I had just finshed an interview in which he had told me that he had been blind for the last two years.

  6. by   Akasha85
    all of these stories go to show nurses have a sense of humor, heh we need it. I think the patient apreciates it especially when they are included in the joke or are the ones that make you aware what you said just because they are ill or elderly doesn't mean they can't find humor in our mistakes. Our family is norweigian and we laugh at the stupidest things. Can't even get into it. Just keep humor with youself and all will be good
  7. by   inthesky
    I was reading this thread in amusement, deciding whether to post anything. I say far too many stupid things to ever chronicle. I tell patients to follow me around the corner (there is no corner) to my med window (it is actually a door with no window at all) every single work day without fail. Today, a patient amiably confronted me today about my lack of med window; it was amusing.
  8. by   BanoraWhite
    Quote from Akasha85
    when working in a nursing home a new coworker asked where so and so was. I replied she is the one with grey hair and glasses with a sweater on.:imbar
    I used to do that all the time !!
  9. by   Akasha85
    I think everyone who worked in a nursing home has made the remark the one over there with grey hair, glasses,sweater in a wheelchair. I really miss working in the nursing home.
  10. by   NebraskaRN
    I was in the middle of a busy shift in the NICU and had answered the phone often. The phone rings and I answer the phone..."Nursey 2 this is Danielle how can I help you", and the person asks for the nurse caring for baby Jack and I say "ok let me get her for you", put the person on hold and realize...oh crap:uhoh21:...that is me.

    There are not many ways to go back from that
  11. by   Darkzein
    I was working in the urgent care centre when we had a young guy come in with a laceration to his arm. As I was removing the dressing to look at it, I asked him how it happened. He said he fell while curling at the ice rink. Me, in my infinite wisdom asked, "Oh, did you cut yourself on the skate blade?" He just looked at me and burst out laughing, then I realized what I had asked. Doh!
  12. by   Strawberrygirl2
    I was taking care of a hospice patient and his family came into the room. They asked how he was doing and I said "he was dead asleep". I wanted to crawl into the closet and hide after I realized what I said.
  13. by   Aly529
    Quote from TheOneWithGlasses
    I've gotten so used to saying "Ok, good night" when I exit a room that more than once on my day off I've said "Ok, good night" to a store clerk at 10am or something...
    I've done that sooo many times! People look at me like "WHAT world do YOU live in!"