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OK, I'll go first---- It was a busy day in our pediatric office (what day isn't??) and I was running ragged, rooming patients, helping other staff, etc. and in between crises helping answer the... Read More

  1. by   Alois Wolf
    "How do you spell 'of'?"

    ... I was really tired.
  2. by   Borchey, RN, BSN
    This is a funny one that is still said around our nursing unit. When it has been a really hectic day and there is no time to tape report for the next shift, nurses would say "I think I am just going to give oral". Everyone just looks at that nurse and says, "umm". Always seems to get fixed by the nurse that said "oral" report.....now says "verbal" report.
  3. by   love-d-OR
    I was at work the other day, and we had an agitated patient that was trying to get out of bed. She had fallen in the past. Anyway, her nurse noticed she was trying to get out of bed so she called me in to help reposition her. As I got out of the room the secretary asked me "Did she have her legs out of bed" and I said " she had two legs out!"
  4. by   pezzy68
    Sometimes, when i am trying to assess pt's mental status, i ask them the day date year etc.There are times when i dont even know myself!!!LolThen i reply, wait yea, today is tues the 9th...Luckily they forget, i can never remember that info.....
  5. by   Alois Wolf
    Well....... this happened today. A fellow peer of mine in A&P was asked a question about the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) in the neck and she was having trouble with it, then she just blurted out all happily, thinking she finally remembered the answer, and said, "IT'S SNM!"
    We all heard S&M and at that point the Doc let us go for the rest of the day cause we couldn't stop laughing after that. It's Friday and we were all deliriously tired after having muscles drilled into our brains all day.
  6. by   twistedpupchaser
    We have some isolation rooms at the end of our ward that are used for infectious Pt's. There is a running story/rumour about one of he rooms being haunted due to a death there several years ago. It is common knowledge among the nursing staff that that room is "weird".

    Last week we had an elderly Pt hearing "voices" and seeing someone in his room. Fever, UTI as well as his septic arthritis made it an easy call to page the med reg. Tired from a busy shift and trying to find humour in the many situations going on that night I turned to the charge nurse......"Maybe it is us and not him that need to be orientated, he is just talking to the ghost...." Yep, the med reg had just walked in behind me.

    I wasn't fully orientated until after the morning handover according to my workmates.
  7. by   Duckyaryj
    This wasnt something I did but a fellow student:
    When I was in CNA class we were learning different abbreviations that could be used. We were going around the room and interpreting different scenarios. when it was the only male student's turn he must have had a brain fart and interpreted LLL as "Left lower labia" instead of "Left lower leg"
  8. by   Babs0512
    I was reading an order back to a physician over the telephone, and I got tongue tied, I read it to him as "125ml/hr of Ractated Lingers"

    When my son was in first grade, they had a health lesson on what to do if someone was choking. One night at dinner, my daughter was coughing, my son yelled "Quick Mom, do the heinie remover!" I laughed so hard, I nearly choked. Well, damned if that did come to bite me in my arse a few years later. I had a patient choking, and I rectified it with the Heimlich Maneuver. I had to report the episode to the physician, and as I was telling him the story, yep, I said it, "I did the heinie remover on the patient with good results" :imbar
  9. by   carbaminohemoglobin
    Quote from Cali2Atl
    I actually said "orgasm" instead of organism...I wanted to die.

    Me too! Except I did this in the 5th grade. My science teacher had us stand up and read out of our textbook. I must've read "Orgasm" instead of organism 6 times before she corrected me.

    LOL! I didn't even know what I was talking about.. Neither did anyone else in my class, the teacher was the only one squirming!!!
  10. by   johnst10
    Quote from suzy253
    Just the other day, making early a.m. rounds before listening to report, went into a lady's room for a quick assessment. Wanted to check her legs for edema and asked her to straighten out her R leg. She was an amputee. Yikes. Spanish speaking only which I guess was a good thing. I was orienting with another nurse who slapped me...playfully of course.
    Done that, pt laughed and said "if you can find a pulse you're better than most". OOPS
  11. by   johnst10
    Quote from ManEnough
    I was getting an appy ready to go to the OR and took his temp. He had a fever of 102.4. I told him we'd have to do a Tylenol suppository and gave him the option of doing it himself.

    "Yeah, I'd rather do it myself."

    It was hour of 11 of my shift and I was exhausted. Wanting to make sure he knew how to do it, and without thinking, I asked "have you ever stuck anything up there before?"

    If only life had Pause and Rewind...
    I can't stop laughing......................................:chu ckle
  12. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I have a habit of using the phrase "just a sec", short for second of course. A while back I had a couple of kids in my office and I was trying to shuffle them back to class when another one comes in and I tell her to give me "a couple of secs". This 10 yr old's face immediately brightens and her eyes widen and with a huge grin she asks me "sex?" Horrified, I assused her that I meant SECONDS. I never heard anything about it, so I assume she did not tell her parents that the school nurse told her to give her sex. :trout: I will never make that mistake again!
  13. by   kito4149
    By far, the dumbest happened to me while I was at work. I was looking for some normal saline and I picked up a bottle of 0.9% sodium chloride. I turned to the doctor and said,"We don't have any normal saline only this 0.9% sodium chloride." He looked at me and turned beet red. By the time I realized what I had said he was trying not to laugh in my face. Needless to say, he won't let it die and I have to live with the shame to this day!!! LOLOLOLOL!!