What's a good book to read about the realities of nursing - page 5

I'm enrolled in school now, and taking my prereqs to become a nurse. I'm just starting out and really intrigued with the whole nursing field. If anyone knows of a really good book to read about... Read More

  1. by   SteelTownRN
    "Life Support" by Suzanne Gordon really protrays an up to date reality view of the nursing profession.
  2. by   confused101
    Echo Herron's book was so good. I read it when I first started nursing school. I recommended it to all the other students.
  3. by   askater11
    I love Echo Heron books "Intensive Care" and "Condition Critical"

    After reading this thread I ordered "Tender Lives" and "Life Support" by Suzanne Gordon from Amazon. I checked out our local library--they don't carry those two books.

    I can't wait to get the books!!!!!
  4. by   oceanblue
    I really enjoyed "Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul".
  5. by   Guardian
    All of Echo Heron's books, especially "Tending Lives." I've been a nurse thirty years. For 2months of this summer I have lived off my savings due to a chronic pain problem. To be totally honest, I miss the thinking on my feet in critical care, but really do not want to do much more than keep my license up to date. I'm tired of the profession and the general lack of appreciation for nurses in our society. I also have become tired of the emotional, verbal, and sometimes physical abuse by some patients and or family members. The current article from Australia really got my attention.
  6. by   Nurse K-Bear
    I just got done reading Nurses: the Human Touch by michael brown, RN. Very well written and interesting

    But I have read all of Echo herons books many years ago. You have all convinced me to re read them!