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As long as I've been a nurse, I have NEVER been embarrassed by much until last night... We had a resident who prior to our shift coming on duty was yelling and demanding to see a Doctor to take care... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by Sandy Mowry
    I tripped over his foley cather, well for some one who was completely aphasic, he sure did yell " OUCH you Hurt my c.ck" . I was embarrased . Little TURP anyone.
    Sandy, you cured him!!
  2. by   Agnus
    I was cathing one of these little old guys with a penis that was about a micron long. You know all foreskin but no penis. You grab the darn thing and seems to slip back inside his body.

    Anyway I started to talk to IT like and inamiminate object and not thinking I said, "now don't be shy." I guess I kind of forgot how the patient who was attached to this penis might take this remark. Anyway, he replied somethng like, "I can't help it. It's been that way for years."
    Poor guy.
    orginially by hapeewendy......because my spelling was terrible, even worse than normal, bad speelers of the world untie
    ...i know exactly what yuo :imbar mean!!! ha :chuckle :roll

    while i went to guatemala in '1998 for an us humanitarian mission, i assisted this dentist whose panamanian & is fluent in spanish. he tried to teach me and an medic some simple spanish phrases which would help-out in processing the patients.

    all we were suppose to say was...sintese por favor. recustese, reljese, & abre la boca ancha, por favor...which translate to...sit down please. lie back, relax, & open your mouth wide, please. i unfortunately said...sintese por favor. recustese, reljese, & abra a su abuela...which translates to...sit down please. lie back, relax, & open your grandmother :imbar ...lol :chuckle. everyone in the room fell-out laughing!!! they thought i was trying to make them laugh on purpose....you know...to make them relax. only if they really knew just how stupid or estpido i felt!!!
  4. by   micro
    k' only one i will admit on open forum...........
    will identify if anyone local here is looking....but what they hey....micro is micro...........

    emptying a foley catheter at the end of shift to get accurate i & o.........and the d........bl.........thing explodes in my face.......(actually eyes)))))))))))))))

    nursing manager gently and kindly giving me eye shields to ever and after use anytime.........for this purpose.........

    when you think universal precautions.......ya'all never expect the dang catheter bag to explode in your face.................


    as to other embarrasin'''''''''''moments...........

    nope.....never, never, never.......
    even micro knows when to keep tongue tied!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox
  5. by   MHN
    night owl the most embarassing incident occurred to me when I was pupil midwife(PM) ,being a male it was even more embarassing .
    I had a post partum lady who was febrile and its cause unknown she had been ordered a high vaginal swab.As a PM and male to do such a procedure i needed to have a female in attendence this fell this our clinical instructor.I was explaining the procedure to the patient in sequence of what was to be done ,when the instructor chimed in with Remember to tickle the cervic she also was gesture this like she waving a sword about .the procedure started i reached as far as i could and "tickled the cervic" as instructed.At this point the lady who had a loose night dress on with some of the buttons undone started to blush i could feel myself embarrashed for the patient feeling a warm in my cheeks which turned to a burning sensation as she said "I have'nt felt like that for a long time " i didnt dare ask what she meant.
  6. by   night owl
    I'm blushing for you! Believe me, I know EXACTLY how you felt. All I wanted to do was run out of that room. Last night I prayed that this resident wouldn't ask for the "cream" again, but of course he did. I thought about what I would say while I drove my one hour ride to work so when I walked into his room I told him that I was very busy and I'd appreciate it very much if he would put it on himself and that he would be a big help to me if he did. He started to {{{slap }}} it on, I thanked him and left the room.
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    ICU, late one night. All the residents were sitting around giggling over a chart. I'm clueless. One of them looks at me and says, (loudly), "Wow that must have been some catheterization you did!" and they break out laughing again. My nurse manager is sitting at the desk, red faced and says, "that patient you cath'd yesterday, his urine sample came back with sperm in it. BWAH HAHAHAHAH!!". If only I could have crawled under the tile that day... How in the heck did THAT happen? eww. :imbar
  8. by   jstinerich
    I was reapplying a colostomy bag to a quad and he got an erection. I retained my cool even though other helpers in the room excused themselves and left us alone. The patient looked quite proud of himself.
    A minister, who had had a stroke was admitted. He was wet so I started to change his linens. He started propositioning me. I finished the linens and asked the others about him. They didn't have a problem with him. He was readmitted about a year later and when I walked into the room, he started again. I told the nm that I could not take care of that man.
  9. by   Amy ER Nurse
    My first year nurseing in the ER I had to cath a little old lady that was a bit senile. I was in there alone, and she was cooperative until I went to pass the catheter, and she began to scream loudly "RAPE! RAPE!" Everyone gave me a strange look when I returned to the nurses station. Also, same hospital, I was helping clean a little old lady that had very watery diarrhea. I had the pt turned tward me holding her while the other nurse cleaned her side. My feet began to slide and I said, why is the floor wet? I looked down, and the watery diarrhea had overflowed the bed and was on the floor. My shoes stunk so bad! I cleaned them as best I could, and put on shoe covers. I still got funny looks and crys of "gross!" when I would walk by. Every patient room I went in looked at me like I had a flatulence problem! I was never so glad for a shift to end.
  10. by   mattsmom81
    OK girls, I bet this has happened to many of us...(sorry guys)

    Stuck in a room forever assisting with an IABP or a swan, etc. and it's going on and on...and you have 'the curse' and know you need to address it...only to realize it's too late and hoping nobody notices.....eeek!
  11. by   kids
    I was working in a SNF, we had a patient who was totally out of it and we knew was FTD (massive CVA on top of several old, DNR/do not admit), he had a pacemaker that was still going so it was a long process...he had no family so everyone kept stopping by the room to spend a few minutes all evening, . A CNA comes and gets me to declare him when it was time, she and another CNA went in with me...he looked pretty well gone to me. I leaned over with my steth to check for heart tones...the body let out this huge gasp... I sqwaucked and took off running, got tangled up in the privacy curtin, hit the floor and ended up scrambling on my hands and knees to the door. The 2 CNAs about peed them selves laughing. I should mention that this little old guy was a cutie who enjoyed teasing his favorites, he would have gotten a kick out of seeing my reaction.
  12. by   mattsmom81
    Love these stories! Another one: when I was a brand new nurse I had to do a full groin shave prep on a young man my age---early 20's---and his wife refused to leave the room when she heard what I had to do. So...I said a small prayer and proceeded under wifey's watchful eye......you could cut the tension in that room with a knife. LOL!
  13. by   pebbles
    My first clinical rotation in school geriatrics.
    Mentally challenged patient who also had physical mobility problems. He also had been a bit "sexually inappropriate" and masturbating in the dining room and hallway, and the nurses had been telling him it was okay to do that as long as he did it in his room with the door closed. I had not been told that part....

    So, he needed the bathroom, and I helped him on to the toilet. I came back a few minutes later, and said through the door "are you finished?". He said yes, and I went in, proceeding to put a clean diaper between his legs. Thats when I noticed the errection he had... :imbar So I said, "would you like me to leave you alone for a bit?", and he looked down and said yes. Next time I went back to help him, I said "are you done", and then "can I come in?"..... Boy was I embarrassed, but I thought I handled it professionally at least.