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  1. by   TinyNurse
    i would tell. i mean these will be your co- workers someday . and if they can't figure a drug calculation correctly they can endanger a patient......
    now is the time to tell.
  2. by   EarthAngel
    When I was in the LVN program, I witnessed two students cheating during our practical labs (when we practice on dummys in a classroom rigged to look like a hospital floor) Instead of making beds and setting up the bedside tables from scratch, these two students would draw the curtain around them and sit around chatting and then call the instractor to let her check one, then the other, off. well the curtain didnt close all the way and I saw what they were doing. When I complained that some students had to make and remake the beds to get it right and get checked off, I was told "its their loss, theyre the ones that wont know how to do it later on" Well, IMO, if you are going to cheat on something as simple as bedmaking, what else are you willing to cheat on?? I mean sheesh! its not that hard. One girl flunked out the first semester, the other went on to pass the program and pass the NCLEX.
  3. by   NursePru
    Quote from Kingbandit
    I was on the other end of the stick. I have a very successful study group in our nursing school, we all have A's. The rest of the class were jealous of our grades and for the first 5 quarters they would go to instructors and say we cheated. I was called in with every allegation and our tests were compared. I was furious about the "witches" who could not be happy with our success and had to try and make trouble for us.

    One quarter most of my study group had clinicals together, and the instructor accused us of cheating. We used the same form as all of the students and the same textbook. So yes many of our textbook findings were the same, but not all. We proved her wrong and demanded a public appology which we got in front of the whole class.

    Moral of the story: be careful of who you accuse!
    Yeah I think I wouldn't say anything unless it was obvious and I saw it with my own eyes.
  4. by   mimi1jb
    I have a major concern that is very similar. Im very distraught because of a huge cheating fiasco that is occuring in my school, Long Island University. We are graduating in may (woo hoo) and the "valevictorian " was just caught cheating on a Hesi exam, where you sign a contract not to disclose any information. This girl wrote down all the answers to 110 questions. She was caught red handed by our professor and was to be terminated. Apparently, the dean and everyone else for some odd reason is thinking of letting her slide. This is very disturbing and I dont know what to do. I feel like my nursing program is a joke and the authorities arent doing anything. These nurses are going to be the ones that ending up injuring patients. Is there anything that I should do or that can be done??

    Distraught nursing student
  5. by   mamason
    Just remember one thing. When it comes time to take your boards, it is very difficult to cheat. You are watched like a hawk. So, in the cheaters cases, I'll wager a bet that they don't pass. On the other end of the stick, you will because you have dedicated yourself to learn the material. Find satisfaction in knowing that. Oh, and by the way, like other's have said, move yourself away from these people.
  6. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    there are plenty of cheaters in my class of 40! i don't say a word, i don't associate with them at all..but i figure this way, in the end and its time for the nclex they will fail miserably! so let them waste thier time & money..don't bother me at all. best wishes to all you in school..

  7. by   squeakykitty
    Quote from CCU NRS
    I did not read the entire thread but my take is they are only hurting themselves, they will not be able in any way shape or form to cheat on Board for licensure, so when the time comes and they don't know a liver from a spleen and which one does what they will be the losers'
    I think there are a few who squeak by and pass the NCLEX, and go on to be nurses who don't have the knowledge they need. This thread here shows what happens when those nurses hit the floor. https://allnurses.com/forums/f8/what...-do-17402.html
  8. by   squeakykitty
    Quote from VioletX
    This was a major issue in my class. I say, worry about what you are doing only. There is no reason in college to act like you are in 3rd grade. It is not your job to be hall monitor.
    What about being a pt. advocate? A cheater can hurt or kill someone in clinicals if they don't have the knowledge they could have had by studying. Would you go to or take a family member to a doctor who cheated their way through medical school?

    Quote from amoymak
    i wouldn't tell, i would just move to an area of the classroom where the cheater(s) wasn't situated. reason being, if you tell you may become involved in something that could potentially become very ugly. nursing school is hard enough without all the issues
    I would tell, because I wouldn't want any patient to be hurt or killed.
  9. by   Absolutely13
    I witnessed two people cheating way back in my biology final lab practicals. I called the instructor later that day, full of conflict, and found out one of the two had to repeat biology from the prior term because of cheating allegations.

    They were both bounced from the class on my phone call. I had to sign a statement, but what I saw was iron clad.

    I still feel uneasy about what I did.
  10. by   Katie82
    [quote=sharann;725564]This type of student(the cheater) steams me!!! I turned a student in during our seacond or third semester due to cheating. She had a "learning disability" and had to take exams in a special room(by herself), had long time to do it.quote]

    While I do support accomodating disabilities, how is a nurse who cannot take a test in a room with other classmates going to function on a hospital floor? She should have had a preceptor during tests. I also have to ask myself how many times someone who repeatedly flunks semesters should be allowed to return. Why should someone be allowed to stay until they get it right (and marginally, no doubt) when there are worthy nursing school candidates on waiting lists?