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I am a young nurse (24 years old) and I work steady night shift. I was just wondering, if you are my age (or when you were my age), what do or did you do on your days off? Sometimes I feel like the... Read More

  1. by   knigry01
    go skydiving...it's the sweetest thing ever.
  2. by   chenoaspirit
    Night shift has screwed up my system, ALL I do is sleep. I slept all day, all night, then all day today. It sucks. IF I could stay awake, I would love to go for a walk, go out with friends, go shopping, cook for my family, my house looks like a tornado went through it, read, swim, camp. When I was younger, night shift wasnt so bad, but now I can hardly do it. Enjoy life, enjoy being young. Im not old, but am alot older than you are and I miss feeling like I did when I was your age.
  3. by   Suninmyheart
    ooooh I so cannot wait until I have some time off...

    I want to take a digital darkroom class at some artsy film college
    Run with my dog along Torrey Pines
    Take the dogs to dogbeach
    Research the latest in nursing
    Cook new recipes
    Create a garden for my beloved's mother who has parkinsons's
    I also would love to volunteer as an esl tutor - I figure that would be a great way to cross some cultural barriers and get to know more people

    feed your soul
    renew yourself
  4. by   TrudyRN
    You might want to get an eduction in a 2nd career while you are basically still free. Then, in case you ever decide to leave Nursing, you'll be ready. Get into real estate, travel industry, permanent make-up, whatever might interest you.

    Shadow different nurses in different types of Nursing, such as Insurance industry nursing, forensics, occupational health, whatever.

    Enjoy your youth and your freedom. Stay healthy by exercising. Talk to school kids about becoming nurses (career days).

    I wish I had made better use of my time when I was your age.
  5. by   NikkiRN_BSN
    I can't wait until my off days are my own. I graduate in a year. I plan on shopping, cleaning, getting pedicures, exercising, cooking, taking good care of my husband and son for all the support they've given me, oh and going out and enjoying concerts, movies, comedy acts, clubbing....................

    You could take a day trip somewhere (world's largest ball of string or whatever oddity is near you), discover hiking and biking trails, volunteer at the local senior center, start a garden, get a puppy, learn to sew...............

    There's a million things I'd love to do!
  6. by   gina gina
  7. by   adrienurse
    recover, sleep and housework. That about covers it
  8. by   floatRN
    I am 24 also and have trouble having a social life with my schedule. I work 3-11 shift. That gives me alot of time at home in the mornings and early afternoon while everyone else is at work. Its great if you want to go shopping or get a haircut or run most any errands. There aren't alot of lines on weekday mornings because everyone else is at work. I also enjoy going to the beach on weekdays when there is no traffic. I go hiking or for walks. I only know a couple people who have schedules that allow them to be home during the day, and I meet up with them for lunch sometimes. It is hard to date and hang out with friends who work 9-5 though. I am thinking of switching to 7a-7p to allow me to socialize more. It would be more hectic but might still be worth it.
  9. by   tazski12
    Oh wow.. I wish I had your time. I wish I had a time off.
    Unfortunately, work could be addicting, or should I say, the pay becomes addicting. So watch out, my dear. Always prioritize self worth over money worth.

    Enjoy life, especially the things that doesn't cost you a dime.

    wink! wink!

  10. by   sunneeRN
    You know what?! Those are wonderful suggestions. Thats what I needed, a kick in the behind to start LIVING my LIFE! Thank you!!! You are all great!