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I got yelled at by a Doc for the first time this past week. Here is what happened. We were just out of report and I was headed down the hall to assess patients. Went past a room and the aid told... Read More

  1. by   RNFROG3
    WAAAY out of line!Do it all!! Whatever it it takes to make sure that Doctor (and I use that loosely, ) gets the message that was not okay to do. How does she treat her male patients. Its docs like that , that make me want to get all the floor to boycott her patients. Unfortunetly that only hurts the pt the doc still might not get it.
    Just so it gets said--THANK YOU--- for being a nurse who just happens to be male. THANK YOU to all males who happen to be nurses. Most guys I get to work with make the job fun and I always learn something from a different perspective. Having both sexes only increases our effectiveness to do this difficult yet strangely rewarding job. Plus having guys aorund (I know this is sexist) sure makes it easier moving thosse 400 pound patients. Shheeesh-- LOL Thanks
  2. by   rhyolite
    you should not have said anything in front of the patient. this would have made her look like the fool. you could take it up with her at the nurses station.
  3. by   netteh1
    Instead of creating more animosity between the nurse and the physician, I believe that the nurse should approach the physician and find out if she has a problem with him.
    Since this is the first time that this has happened, the doctor may be dealing with a personal problem, or it may have been a personal conversation between the doctor and the patient.
    It would be better to find out the specifics instead of writing the physician up.
    But I do agree that if it happens again, she should be written up.
  4. by   illya
    to dayray, could it be possible, this female doctor is not heterosexual?
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    sounds like sirens _ i am sorry but i don't see a lot there to write ray up over . other than not knocking on patients door. but how many times in a day you think that happens. and besides if there doors are like ours you will hear him come in. i always enter slowly never barge in.

    TEEITUPTOM - this is quite a bit different than being yelled at an a 7/11 store for holding the door. this is a professional that was way out of line and he will have to deal with again in the future. it needs to be resolved soon. believe me from experience if you turn your back and ignoreit docs like her will just get worse and make things worse for him. it needs to be addressed before it snowballs in to something much bigger. remember some docs have great big egos and often a god complex. I have dealt with ones like her a couple of times, and believe after the first time of letting it slide i will never do it again, I get it resolved and do what ever i can to position my self, so that the out of line doc will be the one looking bad in the end.
  6. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Yo Mark, pull your overly defensive and overly sensitive horns in bubba. That was an example. Yes It could have been a little Lame. I will admit to that.
    What I am trying to say is there is enough stress in the world as is. Yes you can write the doctor up and more than likely to no avail while haveing a heap of stressors piled up on you.. Be juducious in the battles you choose to fight. I pick and choose my fight carefully. I no longer take on one and all. there was a time that I did. But I like to think Im a little wiser now.

    doo wah ditty
  7. by   Glad2behere
    That is why I say outsmart and outclass the doc right then, right there. If they know you can think on the same level or above and react appropriately vebally the respect gained is immediate...they may not like you, but who really cares.

    Rhyolite, the doc derobed her supernatural gown in front of the patient, all that is done is to extend that behavior.

    Next time she may hold her tongue, maybe not, but it has been my experience that enough incidents like this of being slammed immediately do eventually modify behavior....which is what they are trying to get you to fall for....I want respect, not necessarily admiration, where I work...and I shall have it.
  8. by   HazeK
    Write the doctor up!!!

    Then ask your supervisor for followup on what happened with the occurence report...did it go to medical staff? did your manager discuss appropriate physician-nurse behaviour at Med staff meeting?

    The more you tolerate inappropriate behavior...
    the worse it will be for ALL of us!

    QUESTION: Why did you leave your patient's room???
    Just because the MD said so???

    I thought it is customary to round WITH physicians as much as possible!!
    I do it...to make sure the patients really understand what the MD says...
    AND, for a few MDs, to be sure they aren't bad-mouthing the nurses to the patients! (sad but true...we have a list of MDs that we do NOT allow with patients unsupervised for that very reason...pitiful!)

    haze :-)
  9. by   RehabNurse
    If I were you I would make a complaint against her. Doctor's have no right to treat any of us in such an unprofessional manner.