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I am new to all this and I have seen a lot of posts about med errors. I know it happens alot, but what kind of med error would cause a facility to present it to the board? I was once told if you... Read More

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    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    On the morning after my mother's (12 hour) surgery, she was moved to a private room. I stayed with her during her hospitalization, and on that second night NO ONE entered her room from 10:30 pm until after 7 am the following day. NO one. I was awake all night, the door was closed tight and never once opened the entire night shift. I monitored her, helped her with bathroom issues, etc. The next day I complained to the doc that no one had been in to assess her, had not so much as peeked in the door, and his response was that nurses there were not required to make rounds during their shifts.

    I have often wished I could read the 11-7 nurse's notes for that night...
    That's a terrible story. However I do think you complained to the wrong person. The physician is found nowhere in the organizational chart of the nursing department. We're supposed to be "professional" enough to control our own practitioners. I wonder if anyone was even ASSIGNED to this room. Really scary. Hope your Mom has recovered...if an elderly person could ever recover from 12 hours of surgery!