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  1. by   SinfulCNA27
    LMAO...thats a good one....
  2. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from lsrn
    i haven't read all 66 pages of this thread, so forgive me if this has been said before, but one of my pet peeves is when hipaa is spelled hippa. i see this a lot, and for some reason, it really bugs me.
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    i like that one (and i don't think it's been said yet!!).
  3. by   JKDON
    Misspelled words in the chart...(basic nursing terms) .Is this how you spell misspell?:chuckle
  4. by   RNZenpeaceful
    One summer evening, the ER staff was frantically resuscitating a 3 year old drowing victim. We had the curtains around the area of this code, and suddenly, the curtains drew back a little, and standing there, licking an ice cream cone, was a middle-aged man, watching the whole scene as if it was an episode of "ER." The child's parents were crying and pacing right outside of the room; they would not stay in the consultation room...too upset. One of the nurses closest to him gently pulled him away from the room and out into the hall, and asked what is was he needed. He was very angry and impatient, and his answer was, "My mother is in the room next door and she has had the call bell on for 10 minutes, and no one has responded!!" The nurse explained that most of the staff had run into the room where the little girl was to help with that emergency. She then asked, "Was there something your mother needed?" His answer was "Yes, tissues!...and I don't really give a rat's a#* what someone else's problem is...my mom needs attention now!" All within earshot of the little girl's parents! Needless to say, those who overheard/saw this incident were totally amazed...including me, I guess until that night, I thought the vast majority of people could not possibly be that selfish! Quite a shock!
  5. by   kadokin
    Quote from kjnorris
    1. As a tech i see nurses surfing e-bay while thier call lights are going off then blame things on thier aide/tech. I have learned to state clearly what i will do. If this upsets my staff then fire me.
    2. staffing --One person can't effectively take care of more than 16 people that is just answering call lights not meds or assesments. Just a simple reminder vitals are the nurses responsbility in the end if your aide/tech is behind it behooves you to help them!
    3. doctors who refuse to come in on their on call weekend becuase they feel the ER doc can take care of it.
    4. constantly having to cover for the fore said doctor when family asked is the doctor coming yet.
    5. housekeeping that doesn't clean bsc becuase of biological hazards!?? what is a toilet but a bsc with plumbing!
    6. nurses that ask for help then leave after you go in the room.
    7. The saying im sorry for waking you! it should be im sorry this pt. is taking a turn for the worse at this time of the morning but if i had the schooling and MD behind my name this conversation wouldn't occur!
    8. Report - bad, long or people who take too long recieving and show up late to releive.
    9. Hosp. complaining about overtime!
    10 could go on but now i sound disgruntled.
    Unionize it is our future!
    1. Write them up everytime you see it. And see if you can get some witnesses. IT keeps warning us that they can trace everything we do on the computer through our code. When will they do something about this abuse of privileges? This is theft, pure and simple. When you are on the clock, you are supposed to be caring for pts. TPTB wil not take us seriously when we ask for more staff if this is what we spend our work hours doing. People who indulge in this type of behavior make it difficult for ALL of us.
    2. See Above. Any nurse worth her salt will help you catch up on your work if she is not otherwise engaged in her own duties. Frequently, however, she is... And I don't mean SURFING EBAY, or other personal s***t. Also, if you need help, don't forget to ask for it.
    3. Write them up. Every time. If they are down as a consult, they are getting paid BIG BUCKS to do their job. Make a stink!
    4. Call him. Call him again. Call him until the family is satisfied. See Above.
    5. What is bsc? And write them up, too, until they are performing the job that they are being PAID to do. EVERYONE is replaceable!
    6. Does she have something pressing going on? (Or, more likely, 12 other things that have to be taken care of by a liscenced nurse RIGHT NOW). The reason you have a job is because she needs someone to step in the breach b/c she has DR's/family/staffing/supervisor/lab/CT/etc to call, ivs to start, discharges/admissions to complete, ad infinitum. If we could do our job w/o your help, we would. Believe me, we're capable.
    7. NEVER start a call to DR w/an apology. If it weren't urgent, you wouldn't be calling. This wastes his time and makes you look frivilous. Short and sweet. Say what you have to and get it done.
    8. Again, write them up every time it happens. Nothing will get better if you don't say anything.
    9. Too bad. What are they going to do? Fire you? If they hire someone new who is not familiar w/the job they will be paying even MORE OT. Do your best to be as effecient as possible. But no one is perfect. What do they expect w/16 pts?
    10. Whew!!!!. Thank you. I feel so much better now!
  6. by   LeahJet
    I am tired of being blamed by the patients in the ER when they have to wait so long. Whenever a chart is put up for a "to do" order, I am right on it, as most all of my co-workers. However, a few doctors will have charts pile up while they surf the web looking at golf clubs, talk to GFs on the cell phone, and make patients wait forever. I am the one pts/family chew into....just once I wish I could say, "I'm sorry it's taking so long but the doctor is in his room catching the last of the game on TV"
  7. by   KR
    #1- Patients that yell "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nurseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in that really annoying voice. That is why I give them my name.
    #2 Co-workers that won't help you turn a patient, because the patient is in isolation and they are lazy
  8. by   jillyk*rn
    after 15 years i have many but my favorites...
    1. kna - that does not mean "no known allergies".
    2. having everyone want to know what is wrong with their kid because i work peds.
    3. the next shift being late (and then coming in and chatting and having coffee). i was able to drive to work for 30 minutes, take 2 kids to daycare and still be at work on time and ready to go (i don't want excuses from your very young self, with no kids ).
    4. last, but not least, "it's not my patient":angryfire . one of my very early, and favorite nurse managers, told me she never wanted to hear that on her floor, that they are all our patients. it stuck, and i can't stand to hear that:angryfire .
  9. by   gustercc
    I have heard this several times from a couple of well "seasoned" nurses.
    They were referring to a pt. who made no bones about being lesbian. She was critically ill and eventually ended up coding due to a AAA. Well a couple of the nurses said that she should have been tested for HIV. "Well, she's gay,that might be why she was so sick" Gimmie a ******* break!!!!! I've heard them say this about more than one lesbian pt.

    Another pet peeve is when family demand a pad and pen so a patient who is vented and off diprivan for a neuro check, can "write." They then bring me the paper with this ineligible scratching and ask "I can't understand this. Can you make this out?" I have had to hold my tounge numerous times because I want to yell out, "Oh my God! He was the second gunman on the grassy knoll!!!"
    I no longer do nuero checks with family in the room.

    I really hate it when people make lists of their pet peeves too.
    heeh heee
  10. by   zacarias
    SBP is not "small bowel perforation"!
  11. by   karenrussell_rn
    *To "Grant Morgan" on the pt with Medicaid*
    This was before I became a nurse, I worked as a diet tech and one of my floors housed the Behavioral Health Dept. There was a pt who used to complain about her food and said that she "paid our salaries" because she was on Medicaid. It took everything out of me not to reply, "yeah, but my taxes fund your SSI check!!"
  12. by   soontobenurse2
    My biggest pet peeve is:

    When I'm giving report and they interrupt me to ask me if the patient has a PICC or an Heplock and where?
    I just tell them that is for me to know and for you to find out.

    Walking by a room and seen a patient exposed!!!! I walk in pull up the privacy curtains and close the door. HINT, HINT!!!

    Nurses that complain about their assignments: " I had that patient twice this week" AND ? you have him again today!!!!! NURSING IS 24 HRS B****.
  13. by   talaxandra
    Quote from karenrussell_rn
    There was a pt who used to complain about her food and said that she "paid our salaries" because she was on Medicaid. It took everything out of me not to reply, "yeah, but my taxes fund your SSI check!!"
    Or "great, so you're the one I need to talk to about a raise"