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Nurses that are brilliant but do not know the difference between contraindication and contradiction! :rotfl: https://youtu.be/23NI4OuxB9A... Read More

  1. by   NS_RN
    Full code patients who are terminally ill , have end stage disease or are over the age of 80!
  2. by   VioletX
    Quote from bunrab
    nurses who say aw-toe-log-us instead of autologous. emphasis on "log" instead of "tol".
    nurses who say orientated instead of oriented.
    people who don't know the difference btwn good and well, as in i did good on that test instead of i did well on that test.
    i know they are silly, but butchering the english language drives me nuts.
    tehehhehe! This drives me insane too ... especially the orientated part. What's up with that?? Another thing that doesn't really qualify as a pet peeve but it does make me laugh is when in report nurses say things like "he didn't vomit on me today" ... meaning on their shift ... I always want to say "I should hope not".
  3. by   newgrad2004
    Family or patients that act like the hospital is the "Hilton". Ordering extra trays for everyone who visits and complain about everything they get to eat, WE ALL KNOW HOSPITAL FOOD STINKS, get over it. If it were that good you would stay! Even better a relative taking up the bed next to the pt on the call light.
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    Pet Peeves:

    1) The nurse who won't get off his a$$ all day except to eat and gossip.

    2) When said nurses gives report and has a LONG list of excuses why his work didn't get done.

    3) When said nurse gets reported to management for being lazy and then takes an attitude with everyone he works with, since he didn't know who exactly reported him.

    (OK, so it's been a bad week working next to this lazy a$$, and my back is KILLING me!)

    4) Families who want to know how "Uncle Jimmy" is doing, become incensed when I quote HIPAA laws to them, and then claim they don't know how to get in touch with the patient's family to as them how he's doing. (Excuse me, but if you don't know how to get in touch with "Uncle Jimmy's" family, perhaps you don't know him well enough to be visiting him in ICU.)

    5) People who lie to me about their relationship to the patient. Listen, I really don't care if your divorce was the biggest mistake of your life or not, but if you're not CURRENTLY married to the patient, you have no business signing the surgical consent.

    6) People who lie to me about their relationship to the patient part 2 -- I don't care if you're engaged, not engaged, living together or just having a really hot and heavy fling. If the patient gives you POA, you're in. If not, NOT. Period.

    7) Families who insist that their needs supersede everyone elses. Even the needs of the patient next door who is coding. Even the needs of their loved one, who hasn't slept in 3 days and really wants a nap right now.

    8) Managers who insist that "In my day, I could do more with 50% less staff." Yes, and your day was 20 years ago. Patients weren't as sick then. I remember. I was there then, too.

    9) Managers who believe that anyone who works in the ICU for a decade must be mediocre. And managers who then announce that belief to everyone at a staff meeting. And then laugh and say they really didn't mean it THAT way. Of course you did. And it shows.

    10) People who lie about their drinking or the patient's drinking. Believe me, we're not asking because we're gossipy or judgemental. (Well, most of us aren't). We really want to know how likely it is that we'll be wrestling with DTs. Literally.
  5. by   newgrad2004
    well said Ruby!!
  6. by   kari k
    what annoys me most is nurses who talk about what annoys them to everyone but to the person who is causing the grief. Also political correctness, people who don't say what needs to be said to manipulative and lazy people for fear of retrobution or courtesy and because they believe it will do no good. It may not but when our coworkers are causing trouble I've found calling them a spade at least lets them know, I know it and I will tell anyone I feel like about it and their crap won't fly by me.

    And staff who see unpleasant changes coming and preemptively complain their way into a meeting with management and find themselves solving the problem to managements benefit, still upsetting themselves and simply didn't sit back and let management figure it out. For example with their schedule, when an established worker is forced or coerced into working someone elses hours because management can't keep help, we should stand firm that our personal time is just as important as this job.
  7. by   kari k
    I thought of some more, control freaks, people who can't go with the flow and nurses and techs who feel every minutia of detail is performed better by themselves or they always tell you how to do it better (even if your competent) instead of doing it themselves. Also busy bodies who get involved in everyones business and cause trouble simply for the joy of messing up your day, usually because their some old bitty nurse, never been married, no kids, no life, no personally fullfilling hobbies, certainly not a Christain, and think their finger point and whistleblowing is doing some justice.
  8. by   Blackcat99
    :angryfire I agree with rn500. I can't stand it when the next shift nurse wants to chit-chat instead of counting narcotics and taking report. Sorry nurses but the only thing I want to do at the end of my shift is to get the hell out of my LTC ASAP :angryfire
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from NS_RN
    Full code patients who are terminally ill , have end stage disease or are over the age of 80!
    YES :angryfire

    (BTW love your quote ROTF)
  10. by   Cubby
    Two words. LAZY & STUPID :angryfire
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Nurses who have, what i call, the Florence Nightengale Complex. The ones who think that the place would die without them, when in fact it would be better off. GRanted there are some places that if it weren't for a select few, they'd go under, but do not have an attitude like it would.

    Students who will not answer the emergency call lights (or any for that matter) of the pts. their not assigned to. Maybe policy's different for some places but at our facility ANY employee or healthcare student can at least answer the bell and see what the pt. wants.

    Alert and oriented pts. that smoke in their rooms, and think that leaning out the window makes it A-OK. Uh NOOOO!

    Drama, drama, drama.

    People who confuse the HOTEL with the HOSPITAL. I know they begin with H-O but it's not the same deal.

    The customer service crapola. We're not Kmart, although some people seem to think that the ER is the Returns Desk. And that their room is Layaway. LOL

    Oh here's a big gripe. Walking in a pt's room that's 2 hours post op and their spouse is laying on their IV line. And the spouse whines and moans that she has to get up because of it. Hey lady you're not supposed to be IN this bed as it is.

    Pts. that complain that we don't get HBO or Cinemax. Remember HOspital, not HOtel.

    The pt. with 18 body piercings that freaks out over an IV needle. :stone
  12. by   jkaee
    [QUOTE=LPN2Be2004]Nurses who have, what i call, the Florence Nightengale Complex. The ones who think that the place would die without them, when in fact it would be better off. GRanted there are some places that if it weren't for a select few, they'd go under, but do not have an attitude like it would.

    I certainly know about that one! At the last facility I worked at, there was a nurse that had worked there since the place opened. She would come in at least a half an hour early, do some work, punch in and then start her regular shift. She made is SO impossible for other nurses to work on her floor, because the residents were so "spoiled" by her....."Well, Nancy nurse does it this way....Nancy nurse told me I have to take my pill this way.....Nancy nurse is ALWAYS in my room by 12:30 and spend at least 45 mins putting my cream on me...." UGGH! She would also call in on her nights off and make sure the aides were doing everything they were supposed to...."Make sure you turn Mrs. X every hour!"

    One of my biggest pet peeves is report time. I hate needless interruptions! I either want to get started as soon as I can, or get out as soon as I can. Get in on time, get started right away and quit chatting. If I feel like staying over, then I will and we can talk then. Just not during report! One place I worked was so bad with that that when they would go off about something else I'd just keep giving report.....then they'd have to shut up and start listening!
  13. by   lllliv
    i dislike the "pass the buck nurse". the shower or dressing change or whatever was due at night but the nurse told the patient it would be done by the morning nurse. then the patient expects you to do it even though it is not scheduled for your shift and you don't have time. usually that nurse will be off that night.

    i also dislike the BS report. they tell you everything BUT what you need to know. "well he said this and i said that". i ask what the diet is---they don't know. it's ok. i can look it up, but when report takes 30 minutes on BS i don't want to know, it's irritating. i mean it's fine to be friendly with report but i don'twant to hear your funny anecdotes when i'm trying to get started on my assignment.

    the whiny nurse. the one that complains that noone helps her but spends her time doing stuff that is not necessary. then she comes and asks for help for routine things. she coulda done that stuff way before if she hadn't been BS'in around. dang--i'm busy too!

    finally the control freak.these are the worst. please do not become one whatever position you have.

    YOU are not the only one with opinions. YOU are not the only one who knows how. YOU are not the only one with feelings. YOU are not the only one who has a life outside work. YOU are not the only one who cares about the patients. YOU are not the only one that should have every say so. listen and think about what others tell you. it matters. if you are not asked---and it is not a chain of command thing--back off.

    sorry -- can you tell we have a control freak now as charge.