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Hi everyone, I am relatively new here. I spent the last year reading allnurses.com and recently registered and would like to know what is your weakness regarding medical care. Everyone, at... Read More

  1. by   crb613
    Quote from kriso
    suctioning- the sound irks me.

    first: sssssslllluuuurrrrrrpppppppppp.

    second: plunk (when the glob plops into the cannister)

    This is by far the worst for me too! & the flopping around like a fish outta water.....I feel sick just reading this. GI bleeds are next.
  2. by   RNfromMN
    Sputum, tied with stage 4 pressure sores.

    No problem with poop, urine, blood, vomit...
  3. by   bethin
    Looking at my own blood. Others body fluids don't bother me and I've been known to pick through vomit to see what's in it (a dr asked). Smells don't bother me but I'm not too fond of the GI bleeds. I don't blink an eye when someone gets sunctioned.

    I pick through poo at least once a shift to get c-diff cultures or hemacult. That's the life of an aide!

    I'll be the one in clinicals who will pass out in surgery! Go figure.
  4. by   santhony44
    Sputum. I can suction somebody if I have to, and handle it OK, but don't ask me to help. If I'm not focused on the task it gets me.

    Watching things be done to eyes. I just can't handle that! I don't know why but it creeps me out.
  5. by   RNfromMN
    Oooh! Forgot one - colostomies. And I feel terrible about this one because having a colostomy is already such a vanity issue for the pts who have one. G-stomas don't bother me at all, so I don't get it.

    But, no, I can't empty a colostomy without a mask
  6. by   CIRQL8
    Quote from santhony44
    Watching things be done to eyes. I just can't handle that! I don't know why but it creeps me out.
    yes - eyeballs - definately - gross. Makes me nauseated
  7. by   RN and Mommy
    Tunneling wounds! Yuck! Even if they don't look bad from the outside, the thought of packing them...eeewww! That Q-Tip goes soooo far in! I always get lightheaded!
  8. by   tatgirl
    I can handle blood, poop, and vomiting. The one thing that rolls my stomach is sputum!!!!!!! I have 2 trach pts that need suctioning at least 2x a shift. Also when they cough and the sputum flies through the air like a projectile missle!!!!!!!!!! The smell of GI bleeds can turn my stomach too.....

  9. by   emmycRN
    Just found my weakness last week. Pt with first post-op BM following bowel resection. There was no actual stool, just yellow jelly looking stuff and tissue. And the smell was horrid! The thing stuck to the bottom of the bedside commode as I rinsed and rinsed.....and gagged and gagged.
  10. by   Lovely RN
    Collecting a sputum specimen and pulling out a NG tube GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   WaynesvilleRN
    I can handle body fluids and wounds...but it is the smell of some infections and a very unclean female that get me.....I don't get nauseous because I know how to get around the smell....but I can't stand it!!!!
  12. by   zudy
    Vitamins. I just hate the smell of vitamins. There are even some pharmacies I can go into because of that smell. I know it's crazy.....
  13. by   Drysolong
    Oral Care. Very naive of me, but I didn't think about that while training to be a nurse. I never wanted to do anything having to do with dentistry because I don't look looking into or touching people's mouth.

    & Nasal Mucous