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  1. Trauma, I first heard of the generalist exam at the NACNS conference. They were looking for CNS's to take the exam for CE credit. I'm not clear on what the advantages are with this. I'm definately going to look into it though becuase I'm consideri...
  2. APN in GI

    I'm a new APN interested in GI. Are there any GI advanced practice nurses out there who can tell me about their role??? Would LOVE to hear from ya!!!
  3. new APN

    BTW everybody-I've encountered a snag. My fingerprint cards were rejected and returned to me. I know this sounds weird-but I have literally washed off my prints over the years. There are literally large white spaces in the middle of the pattern with...
  4. new APN

    JDcitizen, I gathered from your post you might not think it's a good idea to begin orientation before APN credentialing process is completed. My point of view is that I'm not going to have any more responsibility at this point than an RN in the clin...
  5. new APN

    To the previous poster: I had 2 job offers before I even finished my last semester, and I wasn't even looking!! So yes, if you get your resume out there you they're will likely be offers. I'm starting my position Monday. I'm in the beginning stages ...
  6. new APN

    Thanks for sharing, Trauma! You've been very helpful.
  7. new APN

    Thank you, Trauma. Can you tell me more about what you did while shadowing?
  8. new APN

    I have another question for all APN's out there. I'm a new grad APN and I will start working in a clinic with a doc in june. It could be several months until I actually have my license. I'm to start in the clinic as an RN. How did the mentoring proc...
  9. Will I ever get my APN license???

    Thanks for the info. I do plan to test through ANCC. I'm glad to hear that, at least in your case, it didn't take the full 8 weeks. I'm so anxious to get my license and get to work. All of the paperwork for licensure, RX protocols, collaborative ...
  10. Will I ever get my APN license???

    Hello all advanced practice nurses! I will graduate in a couple of weeks and will be elligible to obtain APN licensure from my state board. My state (Arkansas) requires a certification exam. Here is what I understand about the timeline for licensure:...
  11. lidocaine for IV starts?

    I recently started a new job in a department where using lido is the policy. I can tell you that it makes a big difference because my patients always tell me it was the best IV stick they've ever had. I think it actually make the stick easier becua...
  12. What's your "honost" opinion of nursing?

    I chuckle at myself when I think back to how I imagined it would be to practice nursing. I had hardly set foot in a hospital before my first clinical day, and it was the biggest eye opener of my life. Like you, I had no idea until that first day what...
  13. 3 nurses laid off

    I agree and have seen this in my community first hand. Every hospital in the area has had very low numbers for months and are having to make major cut backs including lay offs.
  14. Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Severina, Congrats on your success at overcoming such major obstacles You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you since I have been very fortunate and haven't had to face many hards...
  15. Well, heck!

    Angelfire, Don't you think that full-time or part-time staff should get priority over PRN/agency? It's not appropriate, or even legal, for an employer to give shifts to a PRN/agency person over another employee because it would make it possible for e...