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  1. by   NurseDianne
    is......the variety of nursing that I've been able to do over the past years! It seems like I've done a little of it all. Trying to find jus the right nitch. Of course, working in a rural hospital when I started out, we had to do it all. Now that I'm traveling with my husband, I think I've found my calling. We can touch lives and have people touch our lives. I've met so many interesting people with unique stories.
  2. by   Tracy38000
    what i like about nursing is not the money, lol. It is the patients. I have met some that have been sent from god to help my soul. It has helped me heal from a tragic loss in January. My job is my "getaway" life when life at home is to hectic and turbulant. At the end of the day I feel good when i come home from work. I like that.
  3. by   NRS67
    My pts. hands down. Being able to take part in someones life to care for them and be there for them. Words can't describe the feeling I get from being a nurse other than Blessed.
  4. by   KeithG
  5. by   MMARN
    ...how a patient looks at you when they know you truly care.
    ...how a pt's family thanks you and you can tell it's genuine.
    ...when a pt's family cries on your shoulder when the pt's not doing so well.
    ...when that same pt gets better and actually smiles at you with tears of gratitude in their eyes.
    ...that I got my license and am actually able to help people.
  6. by   celtictides
    I have learned so MUCH from my patients, often they are the heros.

    I was in Nursing school, and my first patient was 32 years old, the mother of two children a boy and a girl. Thinking back I believe they could not have been any older than seven or eight years old.

    The father would bring the children in every night to see their mother, She was such a gentle and caring mother.

    My patient was dying of cancer, My first patient! I could not get over how kind she was to all of the staff, I knew she had to be in incredible pain. This was the most diffficult time I ever had as a Nurse, It was then, I felt how cruel and unfair life could be. She was so young, and even with the amount of pain she was in she always remained so gentle and kind, today even I don't believe I can say I have met any one sick or well that would be her equal.

    The day she died I cried like a baby. The other Nurses actually made fun of me that I took it so hard. It was because of her and the treatment from the other Nurses I swore to be the best Nurse I could be and I prayed that I never became so accoustomed or harden from Nursing that I didn't feel something when one of my patients died.

    I know that dieing is the natural order and process of life, but I believe that when we fail to feel anything, we can't really be capable of caring and providing good quality Nursing. With time I learned to handle it much better, but it never ceased to effect me, for that I would like to believe made me a better Nurse.
  7. by   rose07
    what i love about the nurses is the fact that the service they provide to all kind of patients with affection and care.
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  8. by   precious_nurse
    Giving the best care you can give for your patient...
    taking care of them.and you feel very fulfilling if save ones life...:wink2:
  9. by   sure seas
    When you see someone come in who is really sick and then see them go home fit and well :wink2:.
  10. by   spuropathy
    You're caring for people other than yourself.
  11. by   Dayla
    I love being there for people when they need someone. I love being the one that they turn to. I love the fact that I learn something new everyday. I don't know what I would do if I wasnt a nurse..
  12. by   bbie17
    Hearing the life stories behind each patient always makes work interesting. I like the fact that at the end of the day, I feel like I just did something meaningful. With nursing, everyday there's something that makes a difference in my life.
  13. by   A. Copen2bRN
    I am a nursing student at Ivy Tech College and I am very excited to see such wonderful comments on how nursing has made your life wonderful and that you still love it today.

    I am looking forward to many years in this field and one day would love to be a traveling RN.

    Amy Copen