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Forensic/Psych/Surgical nurse
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Wanna_BA_Nurse specializes in Forensic/Psych/Surgical nurse.

College student on the journey to forensic nursing

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  1. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    pathway to be a forensic nurse?

    You don't need a BSN, an associates in nursing will work just fine. :) Once you do that, you need to get certified as a FNE, SANE-A, or SANE-P, depending on what you'd like to focus on. Forensic nurses can do death investigation, pediatric sexual assault, adult sexual assault, etc. I'd go to the IAFN (that's International Association of Forensic Nurses) website for more detailed information and programs in your area.
  2. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    does a sane nurse first have to be a rn?

    A good place for more info and resources would be IAFN.org. Good luck!
  3. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    Anatomy and Physiology...

    Hey thanks everyone! I wish my school did them together as the same class that makes sense...but I guess (from what everyone says) I'll be okay taking them together. Again, THANK YOU!
  4. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    Breaking the Ice

    Thank you! I should have thought about introducing myself first... it makes sense.
  5. Hey thanks for sharing your experience! :redbeathe Yes, Forensic Nursing is not for everyone, and every career requires some sort of sacrifice, but for me (at least right now) it seems very much worth it.
  6. GIRL do I have the career for YOU! I wanted to do the Criminal Justice thing too, but as I was looking around at different Forensic Science/Criminal Justice degrees, I found Forensic Nursing! It is SO perfect! Well, I'm a little more interested in forensic science than criminal justice, but you might just love it! Most Forensic Nurses start out as Sexual assault examiners, but they can progress into deputy coroners or pathologist assistants or child abuse investigators...the possibilities are endless! Why settle for one, when you can do BOTH!
  7. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    What would you spend more money on?

    SHOES! If you work in the ER non-slip shoes would be especially important!
  8. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    I got in!!!

    I wish I was you.
  9. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    Thinking of switching major to Nursing.

    Hi there! I don't think the Calculus will be a problem because (in Utah at least) it is not a required class. So, they might end up waiving it. But I totally think you should major in Nursing! It is never too late and you can be a FORENSIC NURSE! You can be a male rape victim advocate and help them speak out! You can care about people AND fight crime at the same time!!! Perfect, right?
  10. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    Re-entering into the Nursing program fall 2010

    Well, my story isn't as bad as yours...but I've always been TERRIBLE at math and will be enrolled (as of Fall 2010) in MATH 0990. 0990!!! UGH! So, in spring semester, I'll have to take MATH 1010 as a pre-requisite to the CNA program! But spring semester is when the applications for the LPN program are due and you have to be a CNA to get into it! Does this make any sense? Now I'll have to wait until spring 2012 to apply to LPN school. I'm sick of waiting! :[
  11. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    should i go to college or university

    Uhm...I'm not a male nurse myself so I shouldn't really be on here, but I couldn't help but notice this post. These days, I don't think it will matter to a recruiter where you got your first two years of schooling from. College IS less expensive (usually) and that is why it would be the better choice financially. I personally don't think there is much of a difference between educators at a college and educators at a university if that is what you're worried about. In short, I think your best bet is to go to a college for the first two years and then transfer to your university. Financially (and probably otherwise) it is the best option. Good luck with your studies!!! Male nurses ROCK!
  12. Wanna_BA_Nurse

    More Strange Baby Names

    I'm all for "different" or "unique" names, but when you start naming kids 'Sparkle' or 'Cotton' I think the creative train needs to stop. My nephew's name is Zen. That is as weird as it gets from me.