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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   freakjojo06
    Rendering care... and hearing your partient saying "Thank You"...
  2. by   michaelarose
    Quote from clee1
    The fast pace and the variety.
    I agree. Also meeting different people from different backgrounds... it both a challenge and pleasure to work with staff and patients that are different from you. I learn something just about everyday i'm at work.
  3. by   audkate
    Being in the academe, I am able to make a difference in the life of my students; mold them to be compassionate, merciful, caring and most of all love the nursing profession unconditionally.
  4. by   I love my cat!
    What I Love About Nursing Is....
    -Being able to work part-time with full benefits.
    -Being able to pick up extra shifts whenever I want to if I need some extra pocket money.
    -Being around knowledgeable Professionals that are able to carry on interesting conversations.
    -Knowing that if I grow tired of my current position, there is always another job waiting for me around the corner....and probably one with better hours and pay!
    -I am never, ever bored. I hear endless back-stabbing stories and gossip all day long, day after day. I never have to say a word.....just keep on working with my head down, arse up and ears open. It's a fine education, that's for sure.

  5. by   Hanie7lpn
    being a nurse for the past 12 years has been the most rewarding career i have ever chosen.
    what it means to me?..... when you take there pain away, ease there troubled mind with a kind word or an open ear.
    i know that everytime i go to work it could be a really quiet night, but i am there because someone needs me and i know i have the knowledge to do everything in my power to be there for someone else.
    i could'nt see myself doing anything else ....i love nursing!! woohoo
  6. by   aloevera
    I must admit that being in control is a big aspect of nursing to me...I know what to do in any given situation and I act on it...as in personal life I don't always have the answers and sometimes "wing it" but in my career I do feel as tho I can handle any situation that comes up....I love people and feel fulfilled that I can be there for them in their time of need.....it has opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself and others.
  7. by   barbaratruth
    I love connecting with the patients and patient teaching.

    I have met some of the most extraordinary patients.

    I like the fact that there is no end to professional learning/development and the job opportunities are endless once you have experience.
  8. by   rcga000
    the patient itself...hmmm...
    i just passed the local board exam and im sooo excited to see those patients crave for nursing....
  9. by   crisbaj
    NURSING... it makes THE difference in every life!!
  10. by   ihatenursing
    when a patient is nervous, being nice and calm with the and helping them relax, hanging iv fluids(weird), making the beds in the morning and having a chat with the nurses *assesseing are they lazy , will they pull there weight today, helping an old lady or gentalman patient eat their meals or get comfortable, saying something mite help, listening to their worries. making a new admission feel welcome and looked after ,caring for the patient is lovely, what i dont like are the lack of staff( i have not a zillion hands), working weekends, christmas, easter, nights, long days which seem to go on forever.
  11. by   aloevera
    doctors may be rude and condescending.....BUT the pts. make up for it with their gratefulness.....
  12. by   MickeyRN1
    The human nature aspect of my job, whether it makes me laugh or cry.

    The inspiration I get from the many patients who are still able to smile and laugh in the face of overwhelming medical conditions.

    The fact that nursing is NEVER boring, and you are always learning.
  13. by   ngbaseball
    I love the adrenaline rush of saving a life