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OhBoy123 has 1 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. OhBoy123

    Texas Hospital Paying for Nurses' Higher Education

    My hospital in Dallas, TX just changed their tuition reimbursement from 100% for bsn, msn, phd etc to 3000 per year cap. People are NOT happy!!!
  2. OhBoy123

    Cystic Fibrosis - a Nursing Specialty?

    I am a cf nurse. I originally worked on a floor where all cf adult patients were admitted for exacerbations. I got to know the cf np and dr and they recruited me over to the cf clinic where I am a nurse coordinator. I work at one of the largest cf centers in the country-servicing nearly 400 patients and families yearly. This is one of those career paths I just sort of fell into, but am really enjoying it so far!
  3. OhBoy123

    Difference between hospitalist & attending physician

    In my teaching hospital the hospitalist is the attending physician-sometimes they will have interns but generally take their own call. Hospitalists are internal med doctors. For other patients with different diagnoses they will be under an attending for pulmonary, ortho, etc. THat attending doc will have interns and residents and you go through the chain of command for questions.
  4. OhBoy123

    Most Common Patient Diagnoses

    Abdominal pain- of unknown etiology.
  5. OhBoy123

    Leaving Meds at the Bedside?

    We regularly leave enzymes, nasal sprays etc. in the rooms of CF adult patients.
  6. OhBoy123

    Need help from new BSN grad

    The scope of practice for both graduates is the same. The difference between the two degrees comes into play with career advancement. In order to move into management type positions etc. A BSN degree is needed. Also in most cases you will need a bsn to move onto graduate school. I did notice when I graduated in may many employers stated they were interested in hiring bsn grads, which worked in my favor, but overall the difference upon graduation is negligible.
  7. OhBoy123

    texting at work

    If I couldn't text at work I could not survive the shift
  8. OhBoy123

    ARNP in DFW

    Hi I was wondering if there are any family or adult health NPs in the Dallas or Fort Worth area that would be available for a shadowing experience. I am a new nurse and recently relocated to the Dallas area which leaves me without many connections. Thanks in advance!
  9. OhBoy123

    Automatic Blood Pressure Machines (portable)????

    I cannot believe your clinical instructors allow you to use BP machines regularly. If you are not getting lots of practice in school, when you are a nurse and the machine does not work, you will not be able hear a blood pressure correctly. For your own benefit, I would begin taking more manual BPs.
  10. OhBoy123

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    NCLEX-RN july 15, received the pop up, found out today I passed. Best day of my life!!!
  11. OhBoy123

    Hesi exit exam ruining lives and careers in chicago

    Even if the school you apply to now does not require the HESI exam it may by the time you reach graduation. My school instituted the HESI requirement during my senior year, and to get around any potential lawsuits, they attached the HESI to a class and put it on the syllabus. I think if you make it to your senior year, you will be able to pass without problem.
  12. OhBoy123

    Took NCLEX-RN Exam today (YIKES!!!)

    I just took my Nclex. I had 75 questions and am convinced I failed. I was guessing on EVERYTHING and have looked up a few questions to confirm I got them wrong.
  13. OhBoy123

    Do you ever feel guilty about....

    I do this on a regular basis. At least 1/4 of my days off are spent sitting on the computer, watching TV, and doing nothing productive. Everyone needs a little lazy time once in awhile!
  14. OhBoy123

    willing to relocate

    The HR person discussed relocation/sign on bonus and benefits with me during all my interviews. My teachers advised that it was best to not inquire about such things until after the interview, otherwise it may seem that you are more interested in the money than you are the actual hospital. Good luck
  15. OhBoy123

    Are recommended books necessary?

    No! Do not waste your money! Sometimes you will barely have enough time to read the required reading!
  16. OhBoy123

    What does an LPN do exactly?

    The scope of practice for an LPN differs from state to state. In my state, IA, they function much as an RN, although are not able to do anything with IVs including meds. They have limited opportunities for advancement in my hospital.