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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   leesonlpn
    melena stool, and suspension bridge sputum specs, the pstachio green ones.
    farts in your face when you are pushing a pt over to do the tidy bowl cleanup.
    colostomies. This one patient wanted tme to wash it out and put it back. Not. Hospital supplies yes.
    coffee ground emesis

    it's amazing how much we deal with, and how much it turns our tummies, but boy can we chat about it over lunch and not blink an eye. You can sure tell when going out, who the non-nursing guest is.
    Nurses are a fine breed.
  2. by   RN-PA
    I've gotten through almost six pages of this topic and have been laughing so hard and yelling out "EEEWWWWWS" and "YUUUKS!" that my husband had to come find out what was so funny. (My stomach hurts from laughing!) He told me to tell my "soft-serve" story.

    I was a new nurse and was changing the diaper of an elderly CVA patient with the help of a nurse's aid. It took us a LOOOOONG time to change his stool-filled diaper and all the bedding. We finally got him cleaned up and were replacing his diaper when, suddenly, stool started coming out like Dairy Queen soft-serve. Definitely not wanting to start the cleaning process over, I quickly shoved my cupped (gloved) hands beneath his anus and caught the extruding mass. I promise you, there was practically a curlicue on top! I then heaved it in the trash can while trying not to gag.

    I never thought I could be a nurse because I always had a weak stomach and thought I was too sensitive-- (a wuss, really)-- for all the harsh realities of the profession. I would ask seasoned nurses while I was in nursing school to describe the worst thing they'd ever experienced and I can still remember my horror upon learning about disimpactions. Of course, my first job out of school was in a long term care facility and I became a fairly talented disimpacter, if I do say so myself! (At that same facility, I placed a bedpan full of diarrhea on the floor by a resident's bed only to step right in the middle of it in my haste and distraction-- GACK!)

    Instead of getting sick when dealing with various body fluids and functions, I've been surprised to discover my compassion generally kicking in and helping me to deal with most situations, for which I am thankful. However, there are still times when I can't believe what I have to do and witness and smell as a nurse...
  3. by   Goofball
    Hey, I'm trying that soft-serve idea sometime! Might beat changing the sheets again.
    OK, now I'm not obsessed with scrotums or anything, but I have yet another story about them.
    I was helping about 6 other people turn a 540-pound sedated/ventilated septic pt. over, so that a urologist could look at the guys scrotum, do a rectal, check his prostate, etc. Well, this poor pt. was so fluid-overloaded, his scrotum was big as a basketball, and balls ready to burst - and they did!!! The skin split open.
    There was suddenly a spurting stream of blood and pus squirting right onto the doctors shirt! We put the guy down so dr. could put a gown and mask on, turned him again, and it was even worse. Like a
    firehose. They took him to surgery, fileted his balls with several linear slits, and put in 5 penrose drains. Nasty stuff. Also had huge decubs
    on his butt and coccyx; then on top of all that he started stooling bigtime!
  4. by   thisnurse
    my instructor hated me. the feeling was more than mutual. i always got the worst of the worst.

    pt had back surgery, trach, and a bunch of other stuff i cant even remember.
    he was mean and nasty. he was filthy and gross.
    there were 25 9am meds (i counted them) given via all routes but ng and sublingual.
    i was responsible for his trach care. i never did a trach before but i knew that was no excuse. i HAD to know what i was doing. she gave me this patient so i WOULD make a mistake and she could write me up and send me to remediation.
    this jerk had tons of congestion which he would hack up into a wash basin. the basin was over half full of his disgusting secretions. his assigned nurse told me i had to wash it out. i looked at her and threw it in the garbage.
    how i didnt gag i will never know.

    when it was time to clean his trach he wanted to do it himself. he pulled out the cuff, got a kleenex, spit in it and wiped it out.
    i had to turn my head.

    and now i am actively gagging
  5. by   Carer
    I work as a Care Assistant CNA as we a known in America. The only things that freak me out are Needles and Blood. I could never give a injection. Also I know this maybe off the subject. But Tim GNP has mentioned it. Woman having Babies makes my skin crawl. I have never seen a woman giving birth in a hospital but just watching it on TV. It makes me go weak. I turn the channel over.

    This lady is staying baby free.
  6. by   canoehead
    When I quit nursing and go interview for a job at Dairy Queen I will proudly tell them that I am a nurse and have lots of previous experience.


    How many pediatric nurses have caught an infant's puke in their BARE HAND to keep it from hitting the clean floor, or sheet, or the lap of your uniform. We oughta get a medal for that.

    Nursing students have no idea what they are getting into.
  7. by   jadeheart
    This is a great topic!!! Goofball you are just too funny. This is my first reply to a topic, but just couldn't resist any longer!! Not too much in my career has brought me to gagging/vomiting point. Try to prevent that at all costs. I can usually handle just about anything. I've never encountered maggots in a wound and frankly don't want to....lol. I think one of the worst things I have seen though was a guy we had in our post bypass recovery unit. VERY large man.....went home after his bypass and literally just sat in his Laz-y-Boy!! Anyway, he came back in to us a few days later with a horrible sternal infection. They had to open him up and keep the wound open, which required packing 3 times a day, so there was no getting away from doing the dressing change. Poor guy hurt like hell!! You could see all the way to his sternum, which looked like a bike chain. But that wasn't the worst thing.....what really got me was that you could see his heart beating through the flap they had done and the SOUND that thing made......squish squish.....still hear that sound sometimes in my sleep!!! YUK!! LOL Thanks for the great laugh everyone. Glad to know that we are all human even though we think and generally are SUPER NURSES!!
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  8. by   Chuckie
    Putting a condom catheter on a shriveled up old man.
  9. by   Goofball
    Chuckie, that's a good one. I also don't like putting a condom cath on a pt. with a penile implant.
  10. by   Karen4HIM1951

    Yuk, Yuk, Yuk - I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time!!!

    The chicken feathers really gave me a cakkle(sp)?

    The eyeball thing would probably have grossed me out!
    In over 25 years not much has - except the lady I went out to
    do dressings on and the roaches crawled out from under her
    dress and down the wounds! Oh yea - the maggots and parasites would have gotten to me too!!!!!
  11. by   micro

    pretty strong stomach here, but projectile vomitting does get me!!!!

    also the wrong fluids coming out of the wrong orifices, if you catch my drift?

    think this yucky thread is the chuckle's!!!!! WHAT WE DO!!!!!

    Honey, what did you do today? Do they really want the answer?

  12. by   VickyRN
    My most sickening patient-care memory...
    Years ago at a small community hospital, I took care of a spunky elderly woman. She had lived alone most of her life, had no relatives and few friends, and was fiercely independent. She didn't like going to doctors, so she never went, for years and years and years. Even when she had a small "sore" on her shoulder that just wouldn't heal. She didn't think anything of it, just kept "doctoring" it herself, as the lesion slowly and ominously kept growing bigger and uglier over the years. After a bad storm, she fell backwards in her house, and neighbors carried her to the hospital--first time she had medical attention in a LONG time. She had broken her right arm, and even more distressing was this horrible malignancy that had taken over her right shoulder area. You see, it had started out as a simple basal cell carcinoma, the type of skin cancer that is so easily curable with a simple outpatient surgery. Now it had spread through her skin into her bone, over the entire shoulder down the first half of her right upper arm. Thus began an ordeal for this lady that was too agonizing for words. The doctor had no choice but to do a "radical neck" type surgery to the shoulder area, cutting away all layers of skin, down to the red muscle and bones, from her right lower neck, clavicles, to her upper arm. Horrific. Even more horrible to do the numerous dressing changes daily. She was with us for months. I'll never forget that pungent, sickly sweet heme-betadine smell in that room. The doctor ended up amputating her entire right arm, leaving the closed socket, meat cut down to the bone. She ended up dying a slow painful death. I really felt so sorry for her. I really liked her. Terrible, terrible.
  13. by   Chuckie
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