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Hi everyone: I'm having a rough time with this field. I have been a nurse for 7+ years and have worked in many different settings. I just got another job that I thought I would like, but I... Read More

  1. by   Bob Loblaw
    Do an all online NP program and and do that course work @ work (pretty much get paid to go to school). 80% of the people I work with are doing that and then go work @ WIC to get some provider experience and then your own shingle.
  2. by   silverbat
    I do care coordination. I assess what needs the member may have For instance education of disease process, medications, how to access further info, if they need assist with adl's and how much assist is needed and then guide them in obtaining information or care services. Lots more I can do, but hard to list. I do part of work in the members home and the rest is computer and phone based. I work for BCBS. United healthcare, Molina, other managed care organizations have similar positions. They also have utilization review nurses as well as other similar positions. Some work from local offices, some remote like myself and dime just do telephonic review.

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    What exactly do you do for an insurance company? Sounds interesting. I also have been holding on to my insurance license just in case I need it but then again I might not. My RN might be enough.
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  3. by   Life123
    Hey Flatline - your response piqued my curiosity. Would you mind telling expanding a little more on what you do? Thanks!
  4. by   Oldmahubbard
    I was in this exact same boat but couldn't quit. I had to support myself and family. I hated the hospital, mostly because of some vicious co-workers, then I did home health. Vicious comes in different flavors, I learned. I became an NP. Night and day difference. So very much happier now!

    Honestly, it sounds as though you are depressed. I hope you have gotten some good ideas here.

    Every job has a downside. Every single one.
  5. by   Rachinq123
    Your story is similar to mine however I was able to leave bedside nursing after my 3rd year. I also have an MSN now in leadership. I hear this all the time from nurses and because of it I developed a course for nurses. The problem is nursing allows you jump around it sometimes what you think may make you happy really isn't the case. Also there are often times that we don't know the right questions to ask during an interview and to get things in writing. I have a blog that i write NURSE BLOG and the course is under the courses tab. Feel free to check it out because this is an issue a lot of nurses deal with. Good luck!
  6. by   Rachinq123
    I agree every one tends to be snarky. I wrote a reply way below, but if you don't end up reading it, this is an issue a lot of nurses go through don't get discouraged you may need help and support to get into a role that makes you happy. I was in the same boat!