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Mine is obvious.It's my real name.:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   nursethis
    HA HA HA!!! I tend to say (use) the first thing that comes to mind....and love words or sentences that have multiple interpretations
  2. by   renerian
    Rene is my middle name and rian is my dtr's middle name which equals renerian.

  3. by   Fraujacobs
    Hippie Parents!
  4. by   Moho
    :chuckle Moho! This come's from a long time family nickname. But there is one cousin who calls me Homo due to the fact my middle name is Gay and I used to live on Happy Court. You should had been with me when the State Trooper pulled me over for speeding!! He laughed so hard at my drivers lic. that he didn't even give me a warning nor did he ask for insc.. I felt insulted!!!! I have moved since then, but my name is still the same.
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  5. by   laughingfairy
    Have an absolute fascination with fairies, my given name is related to it and when I was attempting to sign up for something and need a user name all of the names I usually use were taken. I don't like adding numbers because I can never remeber them. I don't like using my children's names (a bit of paranoia I know) So I'm sitting there thinking and it popped into my head and it just felt right. So I have stuck with it.
  6. by   Alnamvet
    I don't know what mine means
  7. by   zambezi
    I got the name Zambezi when I was in high school...we were trying to find names for the back of our powder puff jerseys...anyway...we looked on a map and this name just sounded right...it has been my alter ego every since
  8. by   Peyton
    I saw the name once on a greeting card: "Love, Peyton".. on a friends desk at work. I fell in love with the name.

    It's not even CLOSE to my real name. My real name is very generic...like "Ann".
  9. by   tiredfeetED
    After 12 hrs on your feet in the ED with no time to sit!
  10. by   Just Angi
    Because here I only have to be me. I'm just Angi and nothing else.
  11. by   proud2basn
    Mine- because I had so much trouble deciding and I spent so much time thinking and praying about whether I should try nursing school, if I was smart enough to make it, if nursing was for me, therefore my name is proud2basn because I am proud to be a student nurse.
  12. by   rdhdnrs
    Of course, mine is self-explanatory, also; I'm a redheaded nurse!
    Mike your Doberman on your avatar is gorgeous! I used to have dobies, never showed them. I was really rooting for Raisin at Westminster this year.
  13. by   SC RN
    Mine is what I want on my license plate once I graduate .... my initials from first and last name are "SC" and I live in southern California "SC", too and I'm going to be a RN!!! So, planning ahead as always, I took the name SC RN and can't wait to actually use the RN part in public in 2005! :hatparty: