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    Nocte is Latin for night - NOC is an abbreviation of nocte.
    Lots of Latin abbreviations are used by medics; for example stat, p.o., q.2h etc. The second shift gets called PMs - but the day shift are just plain old day shift, no Latin at all... so now I have to figure out the Latin word for day and rename my shift!

    Yeah, I knew Latin had to be in there somewhere. I just couldn't remember...had 2 years of high school latin, too...Looooonnnnnggg time ago

    THanks, (I still prefer working "NOCs")
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    I googled Latin for "day" and it's "dies", which probably isn't pronounced the way I'm thinking, but maybe that's why we stick to day shift... instead of dies shift!
    Thinking about it, we use a whole load of Latin at work...
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    I have always seen this designation written as NOS--not otherwise specified.....and again it must be a regional or hospital thing--always used NOC for nights-don't hate it....it's normal for me!
    I think it's because I associate it very strongly with the nursing school instructor I had back then. It's almost as if since she was so annoying, every new word I learned from her was therefore annoying. She also said "sont-i-meter" and made such a huge production about the necessity of calling drops "gtts" and ointment "ung" I still cringe when I write them.
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    ".......calling drops "gtts" and ointment "ung" I still cringe when I write them.[/quote]"....

    I had to laugh at this one...I don't mind using gtts for drops and I usually write it that way when I chart....but I am totallly creeped out by the word----unguent....eeeeuuuuuuuwwwwww

    So I am with you there.