What does MERSA stand for?

  1. I am not even certain if the abbreviation I used is correct. I think I heard our clinical instructor state that it was some kind of staph aereolis? She said it was really nasty. The patient, obviously was on isolation.

    As a level I nursing student, I have my very first ever hospital clinical tomorow, and will be on a med-surg oncology unit. (the same floor this patient is on) I am not certain if my clincial instructor will assign my partner and I this patient or not, but if she does, I think I'm ready! I'll take any challenging cases I can get.

    This pt is a 49 yo male paraplegic, with an AKA from 15 years ago. All I will be doing tomorrow is bed baths, vs, and physical assessment. Since I haven't been tested out on transfer or ambulation, but have learned the principles of body mechanics, I'm not sure if I can help this patient up or not. (I will ask tommmorow) Like I said, I am not even sure if I will get a chance to work with a patient who's on isolation, but I know the precautions needed to be taken, and with a partner to assist, I feel it would be a wonderful learning experience.

    At any rate, it cannot hurt to ask my clincial instrutor if I can be assigned this pt, right?

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  3. by   TracyB,RN
    MRSA methicillin resistant stapholococcus aureus.
    I like to think of "3g's" gown, glove, goggles
    I didn't see in your post if he has any open wounds.
    I was surprised to see that you are tested out on transferring a
    pt. I'm sure that you will get the assignment. Let us know how it
    goes. GOOD LUCK
  4. by   aimeee

    You might find this site of interest:

    MRSA colonization and infection
  5. by   BrandyBSN
    remember to alcohol scrub your scope too! Wouldnt want you to get that around your neck.

  6. by   roachell
    Great link aimeee.
    Sometimes we forget the obvious resources!
  7. by   nilepoc
    as they told us in nursing school

    if it is wet and not yours, don't touch it.......

    unless you wear the correct potective measures. as stated above.

    on the same topic, how appropriate do you feel it is, to just wear gloves when entering an mrsa room. for instance if you are just going to change an iv bag. i.e. you are not performing patient care? i.e. not going through the whole gowning up procedure?
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  8. by   NurseTami
    Wear gloves as the enviroment around the PT, esp the three feet perimeter surrounding, is likely to be heavily surface contaminated.
  9. by   Huganurse
    MRSA, VRE, C-diff. Yuckey stuff! We see alot of this in our area. I thought it was rampant all over the USA. Isn't it? Anyway, what about Europe? Is it there too?
    Smiles to you!
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  10. by   semstr

    yes sure we have MRSA here too. Unfortunately. we even had a ICU with EMRSA, two years ago.
    Yep, the way we teach here is the same of course: the 3 g's, not only for us but also for the visitors!
    Take care, Renee