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  1. roachell

    What does MERSA stand for?

    Great link aimeee. Sometimes we forget the obvious resources!
  2. roachell

    a few more abbreviations?

    Sorry, I don't mean to be tough on you, I know you are under enough pressure already. Buy a Taber's. It will be worth every penny! Also see if you can make copies of the orders and take them home with you so you can become familiar with the most basic terms. If you do this be careful of confidentiality.
  3. roachell

    a few more abbreviations?

    I&O = intake and output. Learn these quick or you will become familiar with the term "Nurses eat their own". You will be eaten alive!!! Don't you have a Taber's (http://www.tabers.com) 2nd year of a ADN or BSN program???
  4. roachell

    what is the difference

    Looks like ten is the magic number before the "Custom User Text" box pops up. It also changed all of my old posting. Thanks everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. roachell

    what is the difference

    OK Talino, this makes ten! I'll let you know if that is the magic number. Also thanks donmurray but I guess I am still too junior!
  6. roachell

    what is the difference

    OK, I may be blind but I don't see "Custom User Text". I scrolled down to Additional information which has location, hobbies etc, and I still don't see it. Should I get my vision checked???
  7. roachell

    I'd suscribe but...

    Since we are on the topic. Can't we stop the pop-up! It says if you click here you will never see it again but I always click it and it always pops back up!
  8. roachell

    Job Opinion!!

    I ditto everything except the LTC. Long Term Care can trap you! Most hopsitals would pick a new grad over an LTC nurse. It's not impossible to change but it can make things tougher. No offense to anyone!:)
  9. roachell

    Utah suffering severe nurse shortage

    The average salary for a newly graduating MBA student is 70k+. Hummmmmmmmmm what's wrong with this picture??? Receptionist make more than 11.50 an hour :( Why go to school at all! Everytime I see a story like this it makes me angry. The next thing they will be saying is they need to recruit nurses from overseas!!!
  10. roachell


    Go to salary.com choose healthcare practitionser, put in your zip, choose staff nurse. It is great, it will give you the low, medium and high ranges for your local area.
  11. roachell

    Need advice about an MD harrassing staff..

    Doesn't this guy belong to a med group. Report him to the med group director. No group wants this liability. How about the HR dept? Do you have one? Remember your skills are too marketable to put up with this crap. Get out of there! Especially if you have no were to turn for support such as a HR dept.