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I hear quite a few times that the cost of living is less in places. I al so hear that wages allow a person to live comfortably on less. I'd like to know what the cost of living is where you live.... Read More

  1. by   prnlpn
    okay here goes am in small town in Arkansas

    rent: 375.00
    autos: 790.00 (98 civic and mountaineer)
    utilities: about 300.00(not counting long-distance)
    food: about 350.00 counting diapers ect.
    private school tuition for son 2256.00 for year
    ins: 1300.00 for year on both autos
    entertainment: 150.00

    last year together we made 48,000.00 but will be significantly lower this year because i took a extended maternity leave and am now only workin prn so i can stay at home with the baby.
  2. by   studentdeb
    Here's an breakdown for us:

    House: 1140.00
    Van: 265.00
    Utilities: 350.00
    Insurance: 90.00 (2 vehicles)
    Food: 500.00 (includes diapers & cleaning items)
    retirement: 250.00
    daycare: 680.00
    misc: 200.00

    Last year we made 80,000 together, but am thinking about quitting my job to be with the kids more and go to school. Very tired of sending them to a sitter everyday and miss them greatly. A little worried because we like to spend, spend, spend!!! I keep telling myself the kids are more important and when I finish with school, I can go back to work and the kids will be in school themselves.

  3. by   eltrip
    Mortgage: $750 (incl. insurance & taxes)
    Auto $400 (for his car, mine's free & clear!)
    Gas for both cars $80
    Utilities $200 (including cable & internet)
    Food $300
    Entertainment $75
    Retirement $ 50
    General Expences $ 50
    Credit Card- pay off monthly
    daycare (ends in August ) $150
    Savings $100
    other loan $98

    Chatt., TN
  4. by   TracyB,RN
    Mortgage 0
    Car pymts (2 cars 750 + 104 a month for insurance)
    utilities 300 ish ( hubby just has to have Direct Tv, I gab alot on the phone, plus have a 13 yr old female)
    Entertainment umm figure about 100 bux a month for new XBOX games) we don't get out much
    Credit cards 150
    retirement 150
    daycare not needed
    healthcare 50
    kids activities 200
    pool stuff 50
    groceries 250-300
  5. by   allthingsbright
    Ok, here is mine:

    Mortgage 530 (we had a nice size down payment on our house so our mtg is minimal)
    Car pymts 125
    utilities 300 ( including direct TV, internet, phone, electric & gas)
    Entertainment-we spend too much eher between renting movies and going out to eat and taking the kiddos places-$250
    Credit cards 200
    savings 200
    daycare not needed
    groceries/misc 400
    Insurance for cars (2) 98

    DH makes 25000 after taxes and I am a student so we are pretty much broke! (DH is up for a huge promotion but he has competition. If he gets the job starting pay is 60,000 which is a HUGE jump for us!)
  6. by   amblessing
    Originally posted by nurs2b

    Home $ 850
    Auto $ 950 (2000 Xterra & 2002 Chevy Avalanche)
    Isn't it sad when car payments are more than our house payments
    I drive an 8-year old car and I'm dying for a new one, but the prices scare me away! But, hats off to ya - you got TWO cars outta that
  7. by   Ortho_RN
    Originally posted by amblessing

    Isn't it sad when car payments are more than our house payments
    I drive an 8-year old car and I'm dying for a new one, but the prices scare me away! But, hats off to ya - you got TWO cars outta that
    TRUE.... And it is even a brand NEW house.. We had it built.... Only reason the car notes are so low for those vehicles is because my parents gave me the option of paying for my Wedding or giving me $7000 to put down on a new vehicle and I took that deal... Greatly helped my truck note be much LOWER than it would have been.... But break down the trucks and the Xterra is $356 and the Avalanche is right at $600/month...
  8. by   whipping girl in 07
    Southwest Louisiana:
    House $1100/mo, including ins and taxes (in a good school district so no private school tuition)
    Car Ins $120/mo (both cars paid off)
    Utilities $400
    Daycare $280 (ends Aug 15, so I'm getting a maid!)
    Student loans $500
    Credit cards and personal loan $400 (soon to be paid off)
    Land payment (back home in Ark) $234
    Savings (varies, hubby puts 10% in 401k and I will too as soon as I'm eligible)
    Groceries and eating out $600
    Pet supplies and vet bills $75/avg
    Medical (Rx, MD) $100/avg

    This year our household will be considered "rich" by the state of Louisiana since our combined income will be more than $80,000. At least, they keep saying that the tax increases, which affect us, only affect the rich (therefore, we MUST be rich!:roll )

    I'm a relatively new nurse and I'll make probably around $40K and my husband is an engineer and he'll make anywhere from $60-80K depending on how much he works out of town. We are trying to treat ourselves a little to make up for those lean years of my going to school, but saving at the same time for me to go back to school and to build a house in Arkansas.
  9. by   Furball
    Must not be clipping enough coupons!


    Mortgage $950
    Food $600 (How do we stay so skinny?)
    utilities including phone, water, sewer, electric $200
    cable $60
    roadrunner $45
    car loan $200 (2 cars, 1 paid off '94 buick Lesabre and '96 Hyundai))
    student loan $200
    misc/entertainment/golf $350
    car insur $120
    mortgage pre-pay $200-400 (always send extra...planning to semi retire at age 50 with a paid off house!)
    retirement $300
    savings $250
    VISA's $300 and almost totally paid....finally

    I guess we truly are middle class with combined income of $75,000

    Local taxes in NC are miniscule so we'll probably save more in retirement...wahoo!
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  10. by   Dplear
    Lets see here in Houston:

    Mortgage: 1266.00/month
    car payments: 1000/month (98 windstar, 99 Taurus, 2000 Harley)
    insurance: 400/month (car and health and homeowners)
    utilities: 300-500/month (depends on month...internet dsl included)
    food: 500/month (we have 2 growing boys and eat out alot)
    entertainment: 200/month
    retirement: 12% of my gross pay
    credit card debt: ZERO!!! (pay cash for EVERYTHING)
    savings: 200+/month
    general day to day expenses: 200-300/month

    total for me to wake up every day: 3800-4100

    I know that i could pare this down considerably...my wife and I used to live on a combined hourly rate of 15.00/ hour with one child....I could live cheaper but why when I can afford it?

  11. by   moni rn
    mortgage: 1500
    car: 600
    insurance (house & cars): 140
    school loan: 150
    credit card: 1000 (yes, we were young & stupid! good news! it will be paid off in september!)
    home owners association: 60
    spending cash (my husband & i): 300
    utilities: ~80
    savings: 15% (my husband's salary - pretax)
    groceries: 300
    savings: 250
    misc (garbage, alarm, cell phones, gas, etc): 225

    i think that covers everything. it will be such a great feeling to finally be credit card debt free. then, our goal will be to pay off my husband's school loan, which will be paid off in december. finally, our last major debt, except our mortgage, my car will be paid off in may. next summer, my husband & i will be two very happy people! :roll :chuckle
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