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Last night when I got report from the RN who was leaving, he told me the doc had ordered a stat med for one of my patients. After report, I checked the chart, and found the order timed for a half... Read More

  1. by   nurse2002
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    Did anyone mention the nurse who won't let ya give report without continually interrupting? Not only is it rude but it interrupts my train of thought...and after 14 hrs on deep nights I am TIRED.

    I have been known to raise my palms front of the interrupter and say " No questions. I may answer a few...but AFTER my speech." :chuckle

  2. by   MandyInMS
    That is a bit enraging when you are trying to give report and someone is interrupting you...have this nurse that I work with that used to do this alllll the time..butting in telling things about my pt, not giving me time to report things myself...finally I had enough one day (maybe I was pms'n er somethin..lol)..just looked at her, handed her my report sheet and said FINE..you finish MY report..she and the other nurses just looked at me like I was crazy(yes yes I AM crazy..hehe) but, she got the point and didn't do it again
  3. by   Chttynurs
    I think not being a team player is one of my biggest pet peeves, along with the dreaded war between the shifts. I've worked ALL shifts, and they ALL have their ups and downs. None is more difficult than the other. I get so tired of hearing "day shift just doesn't understand everything that we do", or "night shift isn't busy, why wasn't this or that done?" It actually gives me chest pain to hear these things. And one last thing, the chronic complainers. Not one good thing can come out of their mouths. They have the worst assignment with the worst patients with the worst problems, and they let EVERYONE on the unit know it!! Makes working conditions very uncomfortable. I'm not saying some of their complaints arent's valid, sometimes they are....but most of the time I don't think these people are doing anything more then every other staff person on the unit. Some of these things just get very discouraging.
  4. by   tattooednursie
    I hate to say it, but I am easily annoyed.

    Things that annoy me are:

    Not doing their job, and expecting some one else to do it for them.

    Picking up whatever mess the previous shift did not take care of.

    Head games

    Taking 10,000 breaks when their work isn't ahead enough, or when the rest of the staff is too busy.

    People not staying true to their word.

    People telling me one thing, and then 15 minutes later tell me something different.

    People who are snappy with me

    People wo say "That's not my patient" pr "That's not my job." or "I'm not your hall partner."

    OH! the list goes on.

    But I'm sure I bug alot of people too.
  5. by   Nursie30
    I'm an MDS Coodinator in LTC, occasionally I have to work the floor, more than occassionally I have to fill in for the DON, my list:

    1) NCNS's
    2) Calling in less than 2 hrs before shift
    3) CNA's eating while feeding the residents
    4) Laziness
    5) Getting recognized for any little thing I do wrong, never getting recognition for OT or all the extra duties I do
    6) Sloppiness
    7) Other charge nurses that lack commen sense
    8) Med cart never stocked
    9) Leaving the G-Tube hanging w/ less than 5cc of feeding in it
    10) Discussing pay
  6. by   Brita01
    What we call "loud and common" here. Nurses who talk and guffaw loudly at 3am while patients are trying to sleep. It's like they don't have a clue.

    Also, there's always one person who decides she's going to sing every song that comes on the radio. It's finally quieted down on the floor, and all you hear her singing. Then if you say something to her, she thinks it's funny to sing louder. Dumb( l )
  7. by   Teshiee
    I don't get annoyed too often but when I do. Oooh boy do I

    I can't stand individuals who complain and won't do a darn thing to make their lives better.

    Backstabbing and biting.

    Barbie dolls on the floor who feel they can't eat but one lettuce a day and sware their arse is big when it is not

    mean MD'S

    incompetent nurses with high degrees.

    wearing white shoes

    staff meetings that mean nothing

    bad assignments

    so many things but these are my biggest pet peeves.
  8. by   Disablednurse
    Nursie30, I could not have said it better. It is so ridiculous for people to act this way. They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, and you must be mine!!!!!!!!
  9. by   night owl
    ohhhhhhhh, I've got a few of them. Sleeping of course, Then there's the nurse that studies the time schedule for 20 min and worries about everyone elses "time", Then the ones who are having affairs....they say, "I'm going upstairs." They fail to mention, " For about 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. Then he/she comes back down with the SO and spend another 2 hours just talking and that's about 4 hours wasted. BUT then they manage to leave 20 minutes before end of shift. So what did they do all night? A few meds! U/A's, C&S? "Oh, I didn't see those, sorry."
    Tx's? "Oh, he refused to let me do it." Translation, "I didn't try to do it because I was messin' around with so n so and after I was finished, I took a nap for an hour." One more now.....When we're giving report to the day tour. You start the report and they constantly interupt you with, "Oh wait a minute, <then talks to another day person and says> "How many do we have on?" Then call the office and tell them to send us some help. OK, continue" {{Briiiing}} "Wait a minute." "Yes, we need 2 Na's." "GO on... Oh, Mr so n so, is he ready for his 9 o'clock derm appointment? I don't know, I wasn't on that side and your night nurse, who should have made sure he was ready left 20 minutes ago. Can I just finish so I can go home??? <as I hurry out the door> "Did so and so have a BM?" Let me think...Uhhh Yes he did!" <slam!>
  10. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Hmmm....where to start...

    Following nurses who never seem to get the less desirable things done(stool samples, foley's changed,etc)

    Hearing co workers complain about the day's assignment for 30 min after the shift starts.....you'd think they would know by now that isn't the way to get me to change it..hehe

    Co workers talking about personal things in the resident's rooms, halls, and/or nurse's station

    Abusing breaks

    And my biggest pet peeve(that will also get someone written up in the blink of an eye)...providing poor care to the residents
  11. by   CseMgr1
    I have a co-worker who is not in the best of health, and who spends a lot of time (time that neither she and or others in our department have) crying and complaining about her internal miseries, the workload, and so forth. It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to be nice to her, because she is not only neglecting her own work, but is also interfering with the work of others. I finally told her on Friday to do whatever she needed to do, in order to take care of herself, and then proceeded to put her on ignore. I know that she is like the rest of us, having for work for a living, but I had had enough. If you're sick, you're not doing yourself or your fellow co-workers wasting time by complaining about it. Go home!
  12. by   renerian
    I work out of a home office so I am very lucky to be alone 99.9% of the time.

  13. by   Agnus
    Whiners are the worse.
    Those who nitpick everything or ones who say, "Agnus, you have a call light on," the second it comes on, Bet you can guess she doesn't answer a light unless it is her patient. Then only after the CNA is not available to answer it for her.
    Then the chronic late person who wants to give report before you have clocked in and you are there 20minutes early. I just make her waite and will get report from everyone else before I take her report.