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Last night when I got report from the RN who was leaving, he told me the doc had ordered a stat med for one of my patients. After report, I checked the chart, and found the order timed for a half... Read More

  1. by   just tired
    I have one co-worker who works the 10p-6a shift after me and i'm her releif when she's off so I know her shift too, when she comes in,instead of listening to my report she is constantly interrupting me, telling me how hard her shift is and how hard she works. IT'S A NURSING HOME!!!!! Almost everyone is asleep until it's time to do the fasting accuchecks!!!!! You have about 1.5 hrs of paperwork to do then the rest is find-it work to do.
  2. by   redrnr2
    what I can not stand is martyrs. Ask for help.............just because someone doesnt offer doesnt mean that they dont want to.
  3. by   "I LUV IT!"
    well... it's a good thing that i am very tolerent of the things that most people consider annoying...however... a coworker of mine (and also a dear friend) must always mention at least 20 times a day that he has worked critical care. even though we (his coworkers) come from other backgrounds in nursing and appreciate his expertise greatly, it does get annoying after a while. annoying to me especially when he refuses to hear other people's opinions and thinks he knows everything. i believe that there is always something that one person may know that another does not know! a good foundation of nursing care can begin with the information that nurses can share--2 heads are better than one. thanks for the rant!
    "know-it-alls suck!"
  4. by   bethem
    1. Stand at the nurses' desk, or wherever they stop, and YELL for other nurses. There's nothing like hearing your name screamed down the hall at 3am - and guess which name the patients are cursing when they are woken up?

    2. Running around the joint, stopping to tell everyone how busy they are. If you have time to tell me you're busy, you have time to get one of your jobs done and reduce your workload!

    3. I don't think this one will go down well, but - I hate it when my opinion or clinical judgement is discounted just because I am a 'new grad'. I will be finished my first year in a matter of days and will no longer be called a new grad - I can't wait! Also, please don't look so shocked when I know something about so-called renal dose dopamine, or the half-life of propofol, or, well, anything. I am a new grad, but I am not an idiot.

    4. Drama queens. Sometimes, it's really not a big deal at all, and we don't all need to hear about it one at a time, over and over. If you have to tell the story, tell it once and leave it at that.