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I appreciate all the feedback on my previous thread. It was eye-opening. Ever since my previous career and my strong work ethic, it would usually take a lot for me to call out sick. I worked at... Read More

  1. by   psu_213
    "I'm not feeling well, and I won't be in tomorrow." Or, simply "I won't be able to come in tomorrow." It is not their business nor do they have the right to know what your symptoms are, how sick you are, what treatments you have tried at home, etc.

    As for your coworkers, if they feel snubbed that you did not disclose to them: well, that is their problem and you should not feel bad about it. I think "I'm feeling fine" is an appropriate, polite response.

    On a side note, I get sick now and then, whatever, it happens; I treat sick pts (and some that are not so sick) all day. I don't really want to hear about my coworkers' illnesses. I'm not sure why they would be interested in mine...beyond saying "I'm feeling better, thanks."
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    i say "this is ruby vee, and i'm calling in sick for xxx shift." that's it.
  3. by   Nursetastic
    My personal issues and possible medical problems are nobody's business. I earn PTO and am allowed to use it as "call off" only 4 times a year. I've never exceeded 2 in a year. I feel no duty to give them any information other than I'm not coming in. If they press, I tell them it is personal. I've never had an issue with that answer.
  4. by   tokmom
    I tell them I'm sick. My place does not badger, so there is no pressure to ramble on with symptoms like my formerwork place did. Usually the supervisor does ask, because I'm never sick. I call in maybe once a year if even that, so they are concerned that I'm ok, lol.
  5. by   Dazglue
    I say, "This is Dazglue, and I won't be coming in to work so-and-so shift because I'm sick". That's it. I don't like going into details because they write the reason in a public book for everyone to see. Not anyone's business to know why I'm out and not my business to know why someone else called out. And I've seen some PERSONAL stuff written down.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    If you want a personal day off, plan it. I usually ask the person if I'm the one who answers the phone. I've had people tell me they just don't feel like coming to work. Really? If you're sick, you're sick. If you're a slacker, you're a slacker.
  7. by   tokmom
    Quote from Kitty Hawk
    I appreciate all the feedback on my previous thread. It was eye opening.

    Ever since my previous career and my strong work ethic, it would usually take a lot for me to call out sick. I worked at times I should have been home many times, I think to justify when I did call out, it was really serious/legit.

    I also have worked in places that feel they have a right to probe and maybe bc I had/have weak boundaries when it comes to that sort of thing I would answer in detail when they'd ask "how sick?...what are the symptoms?" etc...Maybe they have no right to ask that and they "test" in that way.

    I've never felt comfortable calling out and saying "I won't be in I'm not feeling well" or even "sick" esp if you don't sound that sick! That's why when I do, I do usually sound horrible.

    Even personal days, I feel like I needed to say why I needed a personal day but that defies the definition doesn't it?! But when the supposed caring i.e. nosy coworkers ask if everything is okay when I come back, then I feel (and have actually been told by one) that I'm snubbing them if I say "everythings fine" even if I add "thanks for asking"

    You can probably tell I'm that way from my length of posts and need to be clear

    So teach me Oh wise ones What do you all say? I have great boundaries in my personal life, I have no idea why I won't enforce them in this situation.

    Oh yes, I remember your thread now. I was flamed for thinking my co worker was being beaten by her non existing bf/dh because she called in sick with a sl bruised eye,, and I asked another co worker whom I knew had been pretty sick how she was and was flamed for asking. Yep, remember this thread well! lol.
  8. by   MPKH
    I just say "This is *insert my name*, and I'm not feeling well so I won't be able to make the shift tomorrow (or tonight)"

    No excuses, no reasons, just straight up as it is.
  9. by   GitanoRN
    It is easy to see, once you approach this situation with the truth, and a straight forward response there's no need to lie. However, don't over do it... one must keep in mind, how difficult it is when someone else has called out, specially during the weekend. In addition, don't schedule a leave day ,then call out the following day you're suppose to be at work, that will raise a red flag . Hopefully we have entertained your concerns regarding this issue.
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  10. by   loriangel14
    I have to disclose my symptoms because vomiting diarrhea and fever mean you have to stay off 48 hours
  11. by   anotherone
    Hi, this is anotherone and I am too sick to come in today. If they feel snubbed so be it. i do not care. If i am too sick to come in I wont. I rarely call off. It is a job, I try very hard to remember that.
  12. by   sharpeimom
    this is sharpeimom. i will need coverage for the 7pm-7am shift today. i plan to work tomorrow. (or i'll call in tomorrow.)

    i usually accumulated enough pto that i saved 2 or 3 shifts worth and donated the balance to fellow employees with either ill family members or who had ? illness/condition themselves and had or would use all their pto.
  13. by   paddler
    I rarely call in unless I really have to. But they announced at a staff meeting at work that when people do call in be prepared for the Nurse Manager to ask and record on paper your responses to why you are sick, what Sx you are having, etc. We get fired for 3 call-ins in a year.