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  1. RN moving to LA

    You may also want to post this in the CA regional section to possibly get more feedback.
  2. Need a Job....

    Try posting this in the regional section for may get more feedback.
  3. I wouldn't block her or ignore her or add her as a friend. Just let the request sit there...some people rarely check their facebook accounts....she may assume you are one of them. Just make sure everything is private so only your friends can see. ...
  4. RN to BSN scholarships

    I'm not sure about scholarships but if you work in a hospital your employer may help pay some of your tuition. I think my employer pays up to $1500/yr.
  5. What do you like about being a research nurse?

    Birdiegirl31, Thanks so much for the response! I will be starting my new job in clinical trials research very soon which I'm very excited about. I love learning new things as well which is why I think this will be a great fit. The paperwork doesn't b...
  6. What to you like about being a nurse?

    I just finished reading this thread about Mr. John...stories and people like this is why I like being a nurse... :heartbeat
  7. What do you like about being a research nurse?

  8. Dermatology Test

    I second the ringworm
  9. "I'm A Good Nurse" Syndrome

    This post reminds me of a particular nurse who always says "I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful job and great co-workers. I love my job." Problem is she is not a team player, ASSIGNS HERSELF easy patients, rarely moves from her chair, gossips i...
  10. I would like to hear from some research nurses as to what they like about being a research nurse? Do you find clinical trials interesting? Is this area of nursing rewarding to you? Thanks! :)
  11. How do I get an interview???

    As above poster pointed out, volunteering would be a great way to get a foot in the door. Good luck! :)
  12. In need of some advice Please!

    I would like to recommend a book called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. The four agreements are these: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best. It may not be for everyone ...
  13. Is nursing "care" a thing of the past?

    I agree with above poster. This has nothing to do with BSN vs ADN education. The unit sounds like it was chaotic and understaffed.
  14. LPN in need of help!

    Have you thought about going to TCC? I know they have a points based system on criteria for admission. You can get in other ways aside from your GPA. If your ACT or SAT scores are good you get so many points and there's quite a few others. At lea...
  15. OB RN with ED experience?

    I don't see why it would be a problem. I have worked with nurses in L&D with many different backgrounds including ED. It's great you already have NRP. The only thing that may be difficult is being new and learning so much on a per diem schedul...