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  1. 24hourshift

    What do you say when calling out sick?

    It is our policy per regulations to track staff illness as part of the infection control program. So whether during the call or later, we at least want to know if there was a comunicable illness, fever, vomitting, diarrhea etc. Calling in sick isn't so much the issue as finding a replacement. We don't take phone calls or listen to voicmail anymore. People don't get awakened by the little beep of a text at night. For those smaller facilities, or LTC with only one nurse on, this can be quite a burden to deal with. Taking a call at 6 pm that you are needed at 7pm to stay awake and alert all night long does not work for everyone...or maybe most anyone. My only pet peeve lately is posting your shopping trip on social media on a day you called in sick. Co-workers are not happy about that.
  2. 24hourshift

    Your most thoughtful interview questions.

    I agree, a simple conversation can tell a lot about a potential employee. Much more than simple questions. But one of our standard ones is "how many days have you missed work in the past 6 months" and "what does an employee own an employer". Interesting dialog.
  3. 24hourshift

    Scheduling harassment

    Perhaps you've never been on the other side of that phone marathon trying to cover a shift. It's the ones who never want to come in and help that seem to complain the most about working short. This is how the nursing profession is right now especially direct care. As a DON in a long term care facility I can tell you I would not think of hiring a nurse who thought she did not have to work weekends at least to fill in. i don't want to work them either, but I'm going back in right now on a Friday night after a 14 hour day, on my 6th day this week. My license is on the line as well because of the staffing crisis. This is why we burn out. I hate to say that to fill today and tonight's shifts, some people got three separate calls/texts this week from 3 different people to see if they could cover, did their plans change, do they need the overtime/insentive and differential bad enough to come help. Some just won't give an inch. I feel the same way you do, I don't want to hear that phone ring and don't want to be asked. I hate to even try again, but if I don't and something happens because of staffing I have to answer for it. **added: since when do we walk in and tell the employer what hours we can work...this is a result of the desperation in hiring felt when a facility is very short staffed. I've been there when having so many openings, you take what you can get and a person can make their own schedule. I feel your pain with the constant phone calls, but if you choose to stay in nursing, you'll have to learn to mitigate it.
  4. 24hourshift

    "just" a school nurse rant

    Hopeful for a peaceful hospice experience and kudos for being there to answer the hard questions. Someone sounds jealous. It was a cheap shot. Somewhere around the level of someone saying "but you're an LPN, we should ask a real nurse" or similar. Just hurtful. I've heard it too being put down for being a "nursing home nurse" Chin up. Ignore those comments as if they rolled off and just smile that "knowing" smile. Or you can answer next time..."but I did stay in a holiday express last night."
  5. Tell us about the most interesting/meaningful interview questions you've been asked in an interview, or some that you ask in an interview to generate authentic conversation rather than the usual mundane dialog that goes with repetetive interviewing.
  6. 24hourshift

    June 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    I work in nursing...I have to get there one way or another.
  7. 24hourshift

    Patient complaint-freaking out!

    In the setting I work in, the employee is suspended pending investigation to protect the patients and to protect the nurse/staff member during an investigation. Usually you will be paid for any time missed from work if you are able to come back to work. We actually spend time during orientation to prepare staff for this type occasion so that it might be less traumatic should a patient make a complaint. I would agree that the accusation could be abuse or neglect if you are suspended. I personally would not recommend giving too many details to someone who is being suspended as it may cloud details and memory once you meet with the employee to discuss. It gives an employee 3 days of fight or flight thinking time, however usually we've at least let them know it was abuse, neglect or standard of care etc. No matter what, it is very difficult for the employee to wait it out. Hope the outcome is favorable for you.