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I am not yet a nurse; although I can't wait to be a real live nurse! So... what do you say when you are thanked for caring for someone when you enjoy it so much and are being payed to do so? I have... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    The management at my workplace want the employees to respond to all "Thank yous" by responding with, "It's my pleasure," due to the big push for so-called customer service. I still feel more comfortable by replying, "It's no problem," or "You're welcome."
  2. by   ElvishDNP
    "You're most welcome."
    "Thank YOU."
    "Sure thing."
    "My pleasure."
    "I appreciate your taking time to say so. You're very welcome."

    Sometimes if I have a Spanish-speaking patient that thanks me, I say "A sus ordenes", which literally means "At your orders" but culturally is not taken that way. It's heard to mean, "I'm here for you", or something similar. It's a little formal, but I've found that people appreciate that formality.

    Any way you slice it, if it is heartfelt, people will usually pick up on that.
  3. by   time4meRN
    OK , I read that wrong the first time, without my glasses, it though it said what do you say when your tanked. Haaa HAAAA ! Now back to the real question at hand. How a'bout. Your welcome .....It's been a pleasure taking care of you. Works for me. This could be a red flag to you. Many times as nurses we forget that we are allowed to be cared for as well. That it's not ok to get beat up or abused by rude pt's. Give your self a pat on the back ....remember it's ok for nurses to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    I just say "you're welcome."
    And when they are discharged, this is me --->
  5. by   Lorie P.
    " you are very " always seems to work for me.
  6. by   southernatheart
    Whenever one of my pts thanks me for the care I have given, I always tell them it was my pleasure. I try to make each of my pts feel as though he/she is my only one
  7. by   leslie :-D
    i usually respond with, "it has been my pleasure", or, "i should be thanking YOU".

    one time (and one time only), i added, "come again".
    not a good thing to say.
    especially in hospice.

  8. by   MIA-RN
    I usually say something like "You are welcome! We sure worked hard today!!" Or something like "Thank you! We made a good team today!"

    I usually start my shifts by greeting my patients, giving them an idea of one or two goals for the shift or a brief outline of what to expect over the next few hours, and usually say something like "We will work together tonight so that we have good evening" or if its someone I have cared for before and know fairly well, I'll smile and say "Oh, we'll have fun tonight, won't we?" Something kind of chummy so that in the end, when I stress that we worked as a team, it fits. I feel like it makes the patient feel more of a participant in their care.

    When I have a few days off though, I say goodbye and if they thank me I tend to hold their hand and tell them how much I appreciated being able to care for them. Also if they are going to be discharged I will do this.

    WHen pts are embarrassed and say thank you, I tell them no problem. (like if they need extra peri care etc)

    If a patient's family member thanks me, I usually tell them you are welcome and then tell them something nice about their loved one, like they are so nice, or sweet, or a wonderful person..etc. Its always from the heart so its hard to give an example.
  9. by   mak2
    How bout, "Don't thank me, Uncle Sam thanks me twice a month". Carry on.
  10. by   mak2
    ok, just kidding. Your welcome is fine.