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I work nights. SOme of our staff nap, some eat, some play on the computer. Last fall we have the Leonid Meteor showers and a colleague and I went to the beach on our break to watch it. It was the... Read More

  1. by   Samantha

    I can go a whole 12 hr. shift without peeing!!! If I do go, that's usually considered my break. I've had dreams about patients walking in on me in the bathroom to ask me questions or just B*tch at me!! PLEASE, just 5 minutes to myself!!!!!! LOL
  2. by   nakitamoon
    Okay,,,,, I'm smoker,,,, and D.O.N. of assisted living facilty,,,,,
    Arrive at work half hour early,,,, get coffee,,,,,and notes from the time I have left,,,, go outside and have a cigarette or two,,,,,,,this is 4:30 a.m.,,,,,,,,,

    The next time I even can attempt to go for break???? smoke is around 10:30 a.m.,,,,,,,, go outside light it,,,, pager goes off,,,,,,

    Eat lunch,,,, usually cold,,,, after all lunch meds are administered and sure everyone else has eaten,,, and,,,, what ever orders come in during that time,,,,, oh and I forgot answer the phone,,,, take messages for entire facility,,,,as those eight hour ppl are sitting down to eat hot meal and are not going to be bothered,,, on thier break,,,,,, None of them smoke,,,,, If they are disturbed by resident,,,,, call the nursing staff!!!!!,,,,, They are wandering down the hall naked or this resident did this,,,, People this is why we have a job!!!!!!!!!

    Lol,,,, sorry little off topic,,,,, point is break,,,, when and if I can,,, smoking is done early morning and in my car on way home,,,,,,, Sometimes I get to pee,,,,,, while the phone or call lights are going off,,,,, LOL or resident is talking to me through door,,,,,, I have a really great staff under me,,,,, Thier shifts are same as mine,,,,,,,,, But will tell ya,,,,, really ticks me off to look outside and find all housekeepers,,,,, smoking and eating,,,,,, leaning against wall talking as residents are coming to me complaining they haven't got thier laundry yet or when is thier bed going to be made,,,,,??????

    Bottom line is ,,,,,,, if everyone worked together,,,,,, and did thier job correctly the first time,,,,, understood or at least pretend everyone understood each others jobs,,,,,,, wow,,,,, for minute,,,,,lost in land of pleasantly confused :roll
  3. by   Debbielynn
    It is true about smokers! When I use to work in offices or even at my company when I was married, I noticed people who didn't smoke got a lot more work done than the smokers. And about the NO breaks, even to pee, it looks like I might be asking for Depends for christmas after all!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    how sad that you all have to pick on smokers in order to justify why you don't get a break.

    there have been many times i have not taken a break and i am a smoker. if i didn't smoke, i would just have to have a "minute" to re-group. there are those who just sit and talk on the phone, sit and gossip, visit other floors/units, being taller tales, and what have you.

    go and get you a break and pretend it is because you are on a "smoke" break

    ...and i am not hiding under a ; i would rather let you see me :d :chuckle
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  5. by   Nurse Hag
    Break what is that. I get to go pee and usually a phone call is for me and they are beating on the bathroom door, or I have the portable and have to answer it in the bathroom. I can tell you there is a trick to answering the phone on the throne, taking care of personal things talking on the phone, while washing hands properly and trying not to give your location out at the same time. Where I work if you don't smoke we step out with the smokers AKA the DON and talk to her while she smokes. Everyone seems to know where to find us.
  6. by   RNIAM
    As a smoker I feel I need to respond. In my unit I am the only smoker..but not the only one who will get a break. I will go out and have a cigarette..one..while the others will sleep for their full one hour fifteen minutes and I happily cover for them just like they cover for me. No complaining on either side of the coin. They sleep and I smoke fair trade off:zzzzz
  7. by   PsychoRN
    What break???????????????????
  8. by   mark_LD_RN
    who's picking it's the truth, the only person here that gets a regular break is the 2 smokers they never mis a break not even the extra ones! been the same everywhere i worked. and don't tell me smokers are more organized so they have time for breaks,they got the same patient load i got and it is not possible to get everything done and get that many breaks. but i must say they do have good timing, they always leave when their iv's are running dry or patient needs to get to restroom for first time. how lucky can they be!

    GOD i think i am going to take up smoking so i can be more organized and get breaks,and am hopefully going to get as lucky as them and avoid some work. just let the nonsmokers do it since they have nothing better to do!
  9. by   obtnt
    I join the ?break? crowd. In 15 yrs I never had an "official" break!!! I did work with the smoker crowd, who ALWAYS managed to go outside, even with all h$#& breaking loose, and no one had time to go get them!! We have had them paged before and occaisionally they could hear it outside!! For some reason, the rest of us NEVER got a break. I consider it a break to be able to go to the CAN!! Most nights we were lucky if we went to the cafeteria and brought back food, to be eaten over the course of a 12 hr shift. Of course, the docs had trays delivered to the unit by dietary because they might not be able to walk to the cafeteria, poor babies. Also, it IS the LAW that we get breaks, just try to work with management on THAT ONE!!!hahhahahaha
  10. by   JailRN
    Break--I get on the computer, onto Allnurses,com and post.
  11. by   labornurse
    It's been so long since I've had one that I don't think I'd know what to do with it if I got one.
  12. by   HazeK
    pee...refill my diet Pepsi...That is all there is time for in L&D!
  13. by   patsue53
    What I've noticed in reading over these posts is that noone questions the legality of hospitals not making sure that nurses gets the legally mandated breaks that they have coming to them. I was even told once that hospitals are "exempt" from the state labor laws which mandate a 15 minute break for every 4 hours worked and 1/2 hour lunch break after 4 hours. I rarely get a coffee break, but if at all possible I make sure I get my lunch break...and I take that break in the cafeteria...not in the break room where I'm too easily accessible. But if I don't get a lunch break I make sure to punch out "no lunch" so I get paid for that 30 minutes. As for the smokers....they're getting their breaks...so who's the smarter nurse?

    There's no nurse's union where I work. For those of you who do have a union, is the issue of legal breaks addressed?

    Lord knows WE DESERVE A BREAK!!!!