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Hello, At the floor I work at, a lot of people are unwilling to work weekends, me included. I normally work beginning of the weeks and had agreed to work up to half of the Sundays as needed. But... Read More

  1. by   Harveyslake
    My ICU has a fully staffed weekend program. They work all the weekends. The weekday staff never have to involuntarily work weekends. Of course, evening and night shift during the week are always short staffed so we do suffer at times especially when the major Holidays are during the week. No free lunch,.....ever!
  2. by   Nursebarebari
    As per our union contract, we work every other weekend. We take turns getting off on the weekends that we are over staff. Night shift has total of 26 RNs, 8 RNs per shift so if 50% work on weekend there will be 12.5 RNs per weekend shift. Because of that each of us get extra one weekend off every other month. If few nurses are getting all weekends off, we will take that to the union.
  3. by   MassNurse24
    Every nursing job I have had has required each staff nurse to do every other weekend. I don't mind it at all.
  4. by   gonzo1
    Our weekends are Fri, Sat, Sun. We have to work 4 weekend days per month. We mostly do self scheduling. I'm lucky enough to fulfil my obligation by working every Fri. So my schedule is Wed, Thur, Fri. It's the best schedule I've ever had.

    Some nurses work Sun, Mon, Tues. Of course there are nurses who try to sneak out of working any weekends, but eventually they are caught and made to do it.

    Holidays are every other year off. So if I work Thanksgiving this year, I will most likely get it off next year.
  5. by   DNPTOBE19
    My hospital rotates and has several baylor positions to reduce the amount of weekends worked by regular, full-time staff. The baylor nurses are paid for three shifts for working two shifts on Saturday and Sunday.
  6. by   Neurotic Student
    We submit our schedule for the next month. We are required to work 2 weekends of each month, but I heard it's not strictly enforced for us because we have enough people working weekends. I'm one of those that work every weekend. I like the freedom of submitting my schedule for each month because I can rearrange the my work days if I needed a weekend off, so it's not like I'm forever doomed to weekends. The only thing is that I need to know like a month ahead if I need that weekend off.
  7. by   Kysam
    Oh my! If you work in a hospital open 24/7 and you don't want to work weekends, then who is going to take care of me, if God forbid, I get sick on Saturday?? We hire all nurses for every other weekend. We have a weekend program that some nurses work, extra money etc. if we have extra staff on weekends, the senior nurses get off first. One of the few rewards for seniority. I'd like to have a dollar for all the nurses I have heard say they are leaving the hospital so they don't have to work shift, weekends or holidays!!
  8. by   Gina41674
    At the facility where I work, we also do every other weekend, and for those that call out, then you end up with a make-up weekend.
  9. by   hicksh
    Does your hospital have a union? We have a union contract and our contract states that bedside nurses have to work every other weekend. If we are short on a weekend and our management asks us or forces us to work 2 weekends in a row then they have to pay us consecutive weekend pay which is time and a half. If you want to trade days or you volunteer to work every weekend you have to sign a waiver and waive the consecutive weekend pay. My suggestion is, is that you and the nurses should look into unionizing.
  10. by   ayejay09
    We self schedule. You have to pick 4 weekend days (out of 6 weeks) and have to do 1 on call on the weekend. Our weekends tend to be covered more because who doesn't want an extra $6 an hour?
  11. by   adnrnstudent
    We work every other weeke4nd. Only the most senior nurses (2 of them) don't have to work weekends. Any staff "unwilling" to work their share of weekends should be shown the door.
  12. by   A.Robins
    My particular unit self rosters with a very small team, so some people tend to request weekends, or we all try to keep it fair. I tend to work 1-3 weekend shifts myself, depending on when my rugby games are.

    The general ward are just about to self roster and their nurses have been told they HAVE to work two weekends out of four.
  13. by   Harveyslake
    Everywhere I've worked, hospitals, has had a robust, if not fully staffed, weekend program. Very popular and significantly decreases scheduling nightmares, short staffing due to call outs and whining about having to work weekends.