What do nurses really think of CNAs? - page 8

I have been working as a CNA in a LTC facility for the past four years. I am posting on this forum, because I would like some feedback from nurses. Recently at work, a survey was handed out to... Read More

  1. by   Jules A
    The many motivated ones: I LOVE, can't imagine living without them and truthfully I woudn't want to do their job for my salary.

    The few less than motivated ones: I wish would find another field.
  2. by   Kiringat
    I have nothing but respect for the majority of the CNAs I worked with in school and during my internship. It's a job that would drive me nuts within a week or two, and I'm in awe of their dedication to their patients.
    Overall, I think I really did learn more about nursing from the CNAs than the RNs I worked with. I will remember that every day of my career.