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Did it drive you crazy? What types of feelings did you have? Today was the last clinical day of the semester, and I have so many different emotions. I'm scared, anxious, worried, somewhat... Read More

  1. by   GardenDove
    Almost drove me to the loony bin. Practically had a nervous breakdown the last month. Improved my character and gave me a career that I enjoy.
  2. by   law3576
    I feel like nursing school is making me crazy! I am constantly stressed out and putting my boyfriend through hell. I can't hardly sleep at night so I've started to take naps all day long. I haven't gained any weight..actually lost weight. I am also attending a university while attending nursing school and it's just about to push me over the edge. I am not taking any more classes at the university until i have a break even though i only have 3 classes left to get my bachelors.
    I check this website almost daily and it makes me feel somewhat normal to hear that other students are having the same feelings that I am. Nobody understands how hard and stressful nursing school is unless they have done it themselves.
  3. by   abundantjoy07
    Got started on Zoloft for anxiety.
    And gained a lot of weight from all those late nights and unnecessary eating sessions.
  4. by   AuntieRN
    it killed my 6 year relationship that I thought would never end...
    took me away from my friends and family....
    gave me the strength to prove my stepmother wrong when she told me I would never amount to anything when I was younger...
    taught me the foundations of being a good nurse...
    got me a job I absolutely love!!!
  5. by   mom23RN
    I must be one of the odd ones. I loved nursing school. It literally was one of the best times of my life. I really found my niche. I did very well and really didn't stress out too much. I had a ton of single freinds (by single I mean they might have been married but most didn't have families yet) and we would do everything together (classes, clinicals, study, party, etc.). No... I didn't work while I was in school and neither did most of them.

    A couple of them are my closest freinds still.

    I loved the entire experience.
  6. by   moongirl
    Quote from mom23RN
    I must be one of the odd ones. I loved nursing school. .

    I loved the entire experience.
    ok- what drugs are you on????!!!:chuckle
  7. by   miracle1986
    keeps me in my room studying falling asleep with books in my hand.
    or sitting at computer studying till my butt is numb.
    & nervously ate till i am now 50 pounds overweight!!!!!!!!!!!
    caused me to answer to any name called out in class.
    and they wonder....why there's a nursing shortage?????????

  8. by   BeccaznRN
    Quote from coffeeaddict
    1 year post school feelings of guilt for reading/watching TV
    Lovely - so I have another year of this? I have been finished with finals for about two days now, not doing anything productive and already feeling guilty!!!!! My poor boyfriend says "look what you accomplished - RELAX already!" Yeah, sure.
  9. by   RNHawaii34
    i remember being crabby all the time, i gained weight, i lost touch with my close friends, missed a lot of good movies...parties, and i couldn't sleep because i was worried about completing all the the requirements before graduation. the worse part was waking up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat because i was worried that i will never graduate..i had a total meltdown after i passed my nclex-rn, gosh, i couldn't imagine how hard it was to be a nursing student! i am so glad that i decided to go back to college...
  10. by   bopps
    I've gained weight, lost an irreplacable amount of sleep, and lost touch with some very dear friends. Through all the stress I still feel like a stronger, more confident person even though I cry, yell,and scream more than I ever used to. I am so glad I am done in April. It hasn't been all bad though. I have made some good friends, and I now know I can do anything if I have made it this far in nursing school. Stay strong everybody Christmas break is here!:Melody: :Melody: :Melody:
  11. by   miracle1986
    I forgot about me screaming alot from the stress! At this point in time, I say very little....it has changed me so much.:lol_hitti
  12. by   morte
    for the most part it was a disgusting, depressing, devalueing experience....i learned how nasty, vindictive, malacious, irrational, adult women can be
  13. by   ExCorporateRN
    It is a very negative experience unfortunately. Here are my issues:
    1. The instructors are very disorganized but expect perfection out of you
    2. Everything is "personal" versus professional - the teachers decide who they like/dislike and that is a huge impact on your experience (how you are graded, treated during clinicals, etc...)
    3. Tons of busy work which leaves "0" time for studying and learning the material you should know.
    4. High stress = tons of caffeine and weight gain.
    5. Lots of soul searching.