What career would YOU have chosen if you weren't a nurse?

  1. I'm very curious to see some of the answers here! If I wasn't able to do nursing, I would have done social work!

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  3. by   Nurse_Diane
  4. by   Still Riding
    olymipic Rider, probably the Jumpers, but I would settle for Eventing.

    So since I am not that good of a rider, and I don't have money to buy many horses, I decided that nursing would be a good idea...
  5. by   slou!
    Well, I am not a nurse yet, but I did think about following one other career choice, but couldn't imagine pursuing anything BUT nursing

    I was dead set on Speech Pathology/Audiology for a while, and even now I am SO interested in it. I am WAY more interested in nursing though, but it still something that I considered. I love the whole idea of communications and speaking disorders and such. I worked at a pre-school with a little boy who didn't speak due to neglect in his orphanage and being heavily medicated so he didn't develop any langauge. It was amazing to see the progress of this little boy. This is still an area that interests me (obviously) but I am still SO much more interested in nursing and I want to do that more.

    This is not related and all and I probably wouldn't pursue a career in it, but I am also interested in Loss Prevention in retail and such. I did this kind of work with my job (in retail) and I loved it. But I couldn't imagine myself ever going to school for this or doing this for a living. Still just another one of those thoughts I had.

    Also when I was little, I was SO convinced I was going to be a lumber jack. Haha seriously, I wanted to do this from the time I was like 4 for a long time. It is a family business of mine and my Pop Pop always took me on jobs with him But I can safely say I do NOT want to do this anymore lol :chuckle
  6. by   donsterRN
    I wanted to be a cruise director!

    Think I watched too much Love Boat growing up???

    Still wouldn't mind it.
  7. by   lovingtheunloved
    I'd shoot chickens out of cannons at airplanes.

    So it's not original. But Larry the Cable Guy had a good idea.
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    Oh no question a Lawyer and I still may pursue that area!!!!
  9. by   sandys
    If I were 10 years younger and without a family I'd go to medical school.
  10. by   marilynmom
    If I were 10 years younger and had no children I would have gone to medical school.
  11. by   Nurse`Chief~Chickie
    i would so be a health inspector! i hate germs and germy people who don't wash their hands!!!

    my so tells me that he wouldn't let me because i would close down every restaurant that i set foot in! lol
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  12. by   MsPiggy
    I would have pursued a career in the fine arts, particularly painting acrylic & oil, and jewelry, both which I enjoy to this day, but it's very difficult sustaining a regular income as an artist (I have & continue to try, lol).

    But my retirement goal is to travel all over & getting more involved in high end art fairs,maybe do an apprenticeship in blacksmithing-I like to play with fire..I'll live my dream it'll just take me a little longer than planned,lol..

  13. by   Midwest4me
    I actually would have become a speech pathologist; I was in my second semester in that Master's program when I decided to pursue nursing. This was back in 1982 and most SLP jobs were in schools but I wanted to work with adult stroke victims in that field. I heard there weren't many of those jobs so went to nursing instead. Well, I've had quite a taste of nursing now(21 yrs) and if I could financially do it, I'd return to speech pathology.
  14. by   UM Review RN
    Photography, interior design, or writing, since I'm now too old to be a racecar driver.