What career would YOU have chosen if you weren't a nurse? - page 4

I'm very curious to see some of the answers here! If I wasn't able to do nursing, I would have done social work! :balloons:... Read More

  1. by   navynurse06
    Forensic scientist
    Animal cop for SPCA
  2. by   April, RN
    an FBI agent!!!
  3. by   MS._Jen_RN
    an artisan (probably clay sculpture and pottery)
    a perpetual student
    a peace corp volunteer
  4. by   tigress_8207
    I'm not a nurse yet but i'd choose the hotel industry.Most probably waitress as i still get to wait on people hand and foot.LOL
  5. by   jojotoo
    Quote from Lacie
    I was a police officer prior to going to nursing school. Switched as my po husband felt it was "too dangerous". Nursing was my secondary choice actually. Looking back I wish I had stayed in the profession and do miss it. I put up with more BS as an RN than I did as an Officer.

    Yeah! And at least then you were armed!
  6. by   jill48
    I wish I could cross stitch for a living. Or make wedding cakes.
  7. by   Jolie
    Physical therapist or athletic trainer.
  8. by   Jo Dirt
    Stay-at-home mom.
  9. by   SunnyAZRN
  10. by   Medic/Nurse
    Done a lot of stuff prior to nursing - don't love nursing.
    Looking forward to LAW SCHOOL.

    At least as a lawyer, I'll have no expectation that everyone will be telling me the truth as they speak. Unlike nursing!

    I wanted to be a singer/dancer on the Lawrence Welk show growing up, but ...

    If I could do it OVER, I'd:
    Go into the military out of college (Coast Guard) then FBI or US Marshal service.
    or maybe - NASCAR driver, Astronaut & Playboy centerfold.

    But now (fantasy):
    * Cat Photographer (Dogs, too!)
    * Inventor
    * Author
    or if I won the lottery I'd get a thousand acres of land and have an animal sanctuary.
  11. by   hikernurse
    Librarian in a small-town library, or maybe run a post office in that same small town.

    Well, that's what I'd like to do, anyway...
  12. by   WOLFE
    Originally started in marine biology and switched to nursing...still thinking about going back to finish marine biology.......
  13. by   barray
    Would have been a History Prof. Nsg. supports my hobby of reading studying history. Still like to believe that time travel is possible, although that theory is not likely possible.
    But if I could, would go back in time, with the abx, of course, and my medical/nsg. knowledge. :-)
    Wish I were 25yrs. younger, and the arthritis didn't tell me every day that I am not a "spring chicken" anymore.