What are your favorite nursing shoes?

  1. I know that I saw a thread quite some time ago about this but I can't find it now. I am going to purchase my nursing school uniform next week and I am curious about what type and brand shoes to buy. We are required to either have "nursing" shoes or white "tennis" shoes. What do you all find to be the best (most comfortable)? Are clogs all they are cracked up to be? I was looking at a pair of Dansko's but they seemes pretty expensive...over $100.00. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   unknown99
    Clogs, I love them!!! The only ones that I EVER buy is Birkenstocks. They are the most comfortable shoe ever. They have a cork lining that molds to the shape of your foot. They may be a little more expensive in a store, but you can go on Ebay and get NEW ones for real cheap. I'll never buy another brand for work.
  4. by   IstikmRN
    The only way to go are Danskos, as far as I'm concerned.Yes they are pricy but they last forever and they are soooo comfie.I wear them all day long and don't kick them off first thing when I get home. I've even begun to expand my dansko wardrobe to off work shoes. They are really cute and make me feel like dancing
  5. by   rasberryblonde
    Nike shox work pretty good. Also Z coils, but I am not sure if they are available everywhere, they are also pretty pricey!
  6. by   Roozeyk
    I agree that Danskos are a good shoe, as well as Birkenstocks, I like them both, they are both good about reducing leg fatigue and back pain, at least in my experience with them.
    Dansko also has an outlet website, just go to a search engine and type in Dansko outlet online, they are new shoes, but have some type of "blemish" on them, most of the shoes have a little nick or something on them, and are quite a bit cheaper than the "perfect" ones.
    Another cheap clog is called "Anywear"..found in most Life Uniform shops or other shoe stores. they run about 35 bucks. Not as good as the ones mentioned above, but not too bad of a clog comfortwise.
  7. by   GotHeartRN
    Dansko white clogs are definitely my favorites! I have tried Burkenstocks, Tennis Shoes and even the spongy "surgery type" clog, and Danskos are by far the best. My back and legs quit hurting immediately after wearing Dankos. The price is a bit high, yet they last forever and are worth every penny!!
  8. by   nursemaa
    I like Ryka shoes, lots of arch support and a little wider at the toe. They're kind of expensive too, but you can sometimes find them on sale at QVC.com. Never could get the hang of walking fast in clogs- I always feel like I'm going to walk out of them!
  9. by   nursebedlam
    Dr Martins,, been on my feet 3 yrs, good value and feet feel good
  10. by   FROGGYLEGS
    My favorites have been the lightweight Rockers clogs...I think they are called-r-clogs. I adore clogs of any variety. I haven't ever had any Danskos or Birki nursing shoes. The pair of Birkenstock sandals I had were awesome though.

    My least favorite nursing shoes EVER are without a doubt the Anywear clogs. Coming in at a close second were this pair of Nursemates, but that was just because the heel was too high. They were awfully cute though. :chuckle

    I paid $40 for the Rockers and $50 for the Anywears.
  11. by   PBAJS
    mollyrn - you posted "What are your favorite nursing shoes? ... I know that I saw a thread quite some time ago about this but I can't find it now."

    I'll be looking for new working/nursing shoes soon so I did a search at this website. Here are three topics that I found interesting.

    "Best nursing shoes?" - https://allnurses.com/forums/showthr...=nursing+shoes --- "What are the best shoes to wear to work?" - https://allnurses.com/forums/showthr...=nursing+shoes --- "Clogs <dansko?>" - https://allnurses.com/forums/showthr...=nursing+shoes

  12. by   Ruby Vee
    Danskos -- I've had quite a few problems with my knees, which didn't start to resolve until I started wearing Danskos to work. Now I won't wear anything else.
  13. by   nurseunderwater
    hands down - danskos.... I need to check out those rockers though, with a name like that who could resist ??
  14. by   CC NRSE
    i think the shoes just depends on the person. i have tried several different kind. i just don't think anything is as comfortable as a good pair of tennis shoes. that just gets rather expensive replacing them every six months. i have a pair of birks (everyone raved about them so i tried.). they really hurt my feet and legs. i also have a pair of klogs, those wear good, but after one day (when working several in a row) my knees hurt. the best thing i have found is a pair of teva clogs. (these don't come in white.) i can wear these shoes for several days in a row without them hurting my feet knees or legs. i think the birkenstocks and danskos have more arch support. they are rather hard in my opinion. i am very flat footed so these don't work for me. good luck in finding something that works. this is very important b/c we spend alot of time on our feet. it can make for a miserable day if your shoes are not comfortable.