What are your differentials:

  1. Heavy into bargaining contract and want info :
    List your differentials:
    1. PM shift
    2. Night rotator
    3. Permanent Nights
    4. Weekend Differential
    Opps- also
    ]1. On call pay
    2. Charge pay
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  3. by   joyflnoyz
    Nusing home(in Mich)8 HR SHIFTS)
    3$/hr 3-11
    2$/hr 11-7
    No weekend diff

    Hospital(in TX) (12 hr shifts)

    6% diff from 3-11
    15% 11-7
    10% weekends/holiday

    I sure noticed the difference when I had to go from nights to days!!!
  4. by   KC CHICK
    $3.00/hr nights
    $2.00/hr weekends

    add those up and you get $5.00/hr weekend nights! No call.
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I can't remember exactly, but here are my "guesstimates".

    3-11 $1.50
    11-7 $2.00
    weekend $4.00
    on call $1.50 per hour... plus so much call back pay.

    then if a unit is a certain amount understaffed, and staff is required to take extra days on call, we get the normal call pay, plus if we are called in, we get $150 extra for 12 hours, and $75 for 6 hours.... I believe.

    Like I said, I can't actually remember.

    I checked my net pay a few checks ago, and it seems total average pay, with some weekends, all 7p-7a shifts, and one on call where I was called in, plus a few hours of OT, I got an average overall of $4.00 more an hour.
  6. by   Ted
    Nights: $3.50/hour
    Weekends: $1.25/hour
    Charge: $1.25/hour


  7. by   RNonsense
    OMG!!! We get:
    Weekend Night: extra 1.00 from 23/07
    Not sure about call...

    And this is Canadian $$$!!!!!

    I'm printing this out...good ammo for later...
  8. by   emily_mom
    PM- $1.00
    NOC- $2.00
    Chg- no clue
    Weekend days- .75
    Weekend PM- 2.00
    Call- 3.00/hr (same whether for aide, LPN, SNI, or RN)

    Man, I'm jealous!
  9. by   louloubell1
    3-11 = $2.50/hr
    11-07 = $3.00/hr
    Weekend and holiday = $2.00/hr
    Charge = $1.00/hr
    Weekend option = extra $10/hr built into your base pay (so you get it for all shifts worked and you make more on OT, etc)
    Extra shift bonus = $11/hr (on nights, I think the bonus on days is $8/hr)
    Call - I can't remember exactly, but if you do get called in you get paid for one hour extra for drive time.
  10. by   Going80INA55
    Eves and Nights $3.00/hour
    (And yet they are clueless why night people want eves....AH hello same money.)
    Weekends $1.50
    Charge $1.25
  11. by   susanmary
    Evenings/Nights: 15%
    Permanent Nights: 25%
    Weekends: 25%
    Call In: 25%
    On Call: 25%
    Charge: nada
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  12. by   oldgirl
    Eves-10% Nights-15% Charge $1 No weekend diff. Extra shift bonus-$9.
  13. by   mosrnc
    I work in a Unionized Hospital & we negotiated hard for these rates!

    The following differentials have not changed for a few years. Weekend nights are considered to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday. All differentials are calculated from base wages, which includes any clinical advancement programs (up to $5.00/hour extra $$ for clinical advancement)

    weekday night shift differential: 15%
    weekend day: 15%
    weekend night: 26%
    Charge $1.25/hr
    Floating out of area: $2.50/hr
    Working greater than 12 hours in a 24 hour period: double time for all hours greater than 12.
    daily overtime for all hours greater than regularly scheduled shift, not just at the end of week, greater than 40 hours.
  14. by   Cafe
    We vote today on our 2 year contract:
    Raises: 8% first year, 6.5% second year
    1. pm dif--$1.60/hr 1st year, $1.75/hr second
    2. perm Noc $3.25/hr 1st year, $3.50 /hr 2nd
    3. noc rotators-- $2.75hr 1st year, $3.00/hr 2nd year
    4. Weeknd dif- $2.75/hr
    5. On call pay- $2.75/hr
    6. Charge pay $2.00/hr
    7. Holiday on call $4.00
    25 year nurses--1.5 time for weekends
    There was a wage adjustment in our step scale- in the second year it will go up at the 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 25 and 30 year marks. They had to fight very heard to get anything to include RETENTION ISSUES!
    Now we see what everyone thinks about it. Have heard lots of comments both for and against.