What are your thoughts on gene therapy?

  1. :stone
    There have beeen a lot of pro and cons in the news lately on the use of gene therapy.
    Some people feel that it's playing God, others feel it's unethical, because the genes are harvested from human embryos, and others feel that it's a wondrous breakthrough in the advancement of medical science.
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  3. by   live4today
    Don't like it for reasons pertaining to my Christian faith.
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    :kiss :angel2:
  5. by   FranEMTnurse
    I'm with you for the same reason. I believe that more could be done with what can be extracted from the umbilical cord after it's cut.
  6. by   live4today
    Hi Frances

    I'm in agreement with that part of research.......from the umbilical cord....:kiss

    Perhaps we'll get some more viewpoints here over the weekend. Have a good one!
  7. by   kittyw
    What do you think about the fertilized embryos that aren't implanted? I on one hand hate to see a life created and wasted but on the other hand I hate to see a life created solely for "working on them". Definately want to see more research on umbilical cord cells - they've found a few stem cells in the brain of adults (if I remember the study correctly). Perhaps you could donate tissue when you die for research into stem cells (granted they're not the exact same type of stem cells), I wouldn't have any problem with that.
  8. by   noel
    Personally, I felt the same way being that I have been a nurse
    going on my 6 year. However, I have twin boys at the age of 2
    that have a dx of hemophillia A. Thank goodness they are mild
    but everyday I am concerned or have to watch with worry about
    my children and bleeding eposides. It is difficult to stand by and
    know your children are unable to do things other children their age are. I have to live with the thought that it is possible in the future for my children not to play certain sports that they love. There is no cure at the present time and the only possible solution on the forefront is gene replacement. So sorry to say, I am all in favor.
    Just my opinion
    God bless
  9. by   kittyw
    I certainly hope we can come up with a cure for diseases like that!!! My best friend in school had hemophillia. I just wonder if we can use donor tissue as a basis for research and a cure.

    (((hugs to your boys)))
  10. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by noel
    There is no cure at the present time and the only possible solution on the forefront is gene replacement. So sorry to say, I am all in favor.
    Just my opinion
    God bless
    Please don't apologize for your opinion!

    Sometimes we have to be challenged to see the other side; Noel, you are there, and thank you.
  11. by   live4today
    ((((((((((((NOEL AND BOYS))))))))))))) I can appreciate your viewpoint, and your hearts desire to have your boys healed. No need to apologize for desiring the best for our children. You and your sons are in my prayers, Noel. :kiss
  12. by   Just Angi
    I am A Christian. However, I feel that as long as abortion is legal, why should those innocent children die in vain? I do not think they should be aborted for this purpose, but my niece has severe autism and I would love to see there be a real way to help her. I watch my sister, and her family, go through soooo much. But, I feel also that it will only be used to help conditions that are being experienced by the "rich and famous." I wish they would further explore all things before just assuming that "Stem Cells" are the only way to go.
  13. by   micro
    There is a fine ethical line, but science and stem cell research is on the cutting edge of many, many discoveries and cures out there.
    From genetic research, there will be much found in the coming days(i.e. generations). I have been part of genetic research studies myself. If there is something that can help, I will do it.
    When I am "gone", I will be an organ donor and body donor. (Sorry, I know that is off topic).
  14. by   FranEMTnurse
    Hi Angi,
    Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if gene researchers
    would explore the cells and the genes that can be extracted from the umbilical cord more thoroughly?
    I believe there's a lot of promise for that type of research.
    My daughter is currently finishing up her PHD in
    Quantative Genetics, so that's why I do mention
    that more research should be done with its contents.
    Promise has already been seen as to the benefits.
    For example, more and more Physicians are ordering the extraction of the cord's blood, from newborns who are born with a low Apgar score, and stored for the infant's further benefit. In fact, I saw on the news a short time ago that a newborn's Pediatrician ordered the extraction and injection
    of its cord blood back into the baby. I don't remember what was wrong with it, but whatever it was, the baby was cured.
    I am truly sorry to hear about your niece. You have my condolences. It must be a very difficult experience for everyone involved.