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Okay, so 2018 is just around the corner. While we all hope for peace, good health and prosperity, what are some of the particulars of your hopes/goals for 2018? For myself: 1. I just started a... Read More

  1. by   LPNtoADN,RNtoBSN,RNto...
    Goals for 2018:
    1) Take physics class for sonography program.
    2) Continue to appreciate my per-diem nursing job and the flexibility that comes with it.
    3) Work as much as possible.
    4) Continue to save money.
    5) Continue to make changes in my career that decrease stress in my life.
    6) Most importantly: BE HAPPY!!!!
  2. by   dontbetachy90
    I have not yet written down my goals for the year so I am happy to have stumbled upon this thread!

    My goals are
    - Improve my attitude. Allow myself to let go of negativity, to remain calm and collected in difficult situations. To "rewire" my brain, so to speak.
    - I accepted a position as Clinical Leader on my intermediate care unit. I want to really focus on my developing my leadership and mentoring skills.
    - Focus on my health more as I went from being very fit/health conscious to incredibly lax and lazy in 2017. This means adhering to a [flexible] workout routine and choosing more FRESH food options, without overdoing it/becoming too restrictive.
    - Indulge myself in my artistic hobbies and not let my love for this fall to the wayside.
    - Make more effort in family relations.
    - Finally get my cat to the vet
    - Travel more!
    - Pay off the remainder of my student loan debt (almost there!) and invest more
  3. by   Black Coffee
    My goal for 2018:

    1. Start my MSN - FNP program. Actually I will start my program in one week.

    2. Eat more healthy and exercise more. This is my resolution for this year.

    3. Read more books since I can't travel much this year due to working and studying.

    4. Spend more time with my family and girlfriend. It is tough to find the balance with work and school, but I will try my best.

    That is about all.
  4. by   hopefulRN'17
    My goal for 2018 is to Pass NCLEX and finally begin RN-BSN that I keep having to delay.
  5. by   Flossy73
    In 2018 I will
    Finish my post graduate certificate
    Find a better job with fantastic people
    Buy some new clothes
    Not forget how awesome the man, next to me snoring is
    Have a better relationship with my mum.
    Lose some weight
    Say yes if my man pops the question
    Be happy
  6. by   Apple-Core
    Survive the first semester of nursing school.....!!