what about DO's?

  1. hey everyone,
    How are you? I am a senior in my BSN program but I have also been pre-med for the last four years along with it. I think nursing has been a great experience for me and I think more doctors should take that route..
    I was wondering, often I hear people refer to MDs about this or that, well how do you all feel about DO's? From what I know they are also a fully trained physician, with 4 years of medical school, and all rights and specialties. I have heard many doctors(DO's) were once RN's and felt they felt more comfortable in Osteopathic school than Allopathic. I have heard that DO's have made great strides in the last few decades.
    My question to all of you who are actually in the work force of health care is what have your experiences been with them???Have you had any with them?? Would you recomend it?
    Thanks a lot
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  3. by   P_RN
    I usually try to use the term doctor instead of physician. I have worked with several DO s and find very little difference in their hospital practice. I can't think of any bad experiences.
  4. by   New CCU RN
    I am a May grad of a BSN program. However, like you I have been torn b/n the doctor vs nurse role. Now that I have been out and working... only five months but still it has been long enough for me to realize that medicine is the route I want to go. I am currently taking the science prereqs and plan to apply for the Fall of 2005 to med school. (still need a few sciences and mcats and that "glide year"..sure you know the story). I have worked with both MDs and DOs and their practice seems to be quite similiar. I plan on applying to both types of programs. If you have any other questions or just want to chat about the admissions process, etc, feel free to pm or email me.....I wish you luck.
  5. by   fairyprincess2003
    thanks a lot guys,
    and CCU good luck
  6. by   teeituptom
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    Ive known many DOs in my life and they were all excellent as well as MDs.. There taint much difference except I overall found DOs to be more caring.

    doo wah ditty
  7. by   UKRNinUSA
    I have had the privilege of working with a D.O. for the past 2 years. At first I didn't realise that he was a D.O. but I knew there was something different about him. He had been a high school biology teacher for a few years before pursuing his D.O. He tells me that D.O.'s in general have pursued another career prior to medicine, so bring a wealth of life experience with them to their second career, rather than the majority of MD's that have jumped from high school to college to medical school. Plus they have chosen their career rather than having been forced into it to fulfill a parent's vicarious dream. I find him to be a more holistic practitioner, who doesn't just follow the medical model of care but treats the whole person. He treats back/neck pain with spinal manipulations rather than just handing the patient a prescription for analgesics and muscle relaxants, which I have observed to be a superior method of relieving the patient's pain. I would highly recommend a D.O over an M.D.
  8. by   OB/GYN NP
    I have worked with several DO's and find them to be very competent and caring physicians. They do tend to focus more on the whole health of a patient, rather than to "fix this one problem you came to me for." I have heard that admission criteria for DO schools tend to be a bit more lax, and competition isn't as tough, but haven't investigated this for myself. I would highly recommend DO's. I think they tend to give more respect to Nurses than most MD's give to Nurses. I always kind-of wondered why this was, but I see a similar philosophy of patient care in Nurses as I see in DO's, so maybe they tend to feel a "kindred spirit" with us.
  9. by   renerian
    I used to have a DO as my physician before I moved here. I think they seem to be more holistic in nature and mine always tried to get to the root of the problem. If they are a DO who still practices manipulation they may be able to help someone with additional care that an IM or FP or GP cannot offer. I do very much like my current IM but I do miss the occasional times I needed a spinal adjustment as then I may not have necessarily may have need a medication like a muscle relaxant.

  10. by   renerian
    Wow the last sentence of my post did not read correctly. I meant to say I may not have needed a medication but rather the spinal manipulation could have worked instead.

  11. by   jdomep
    My dad was an MD and acted superior (go figure) we were kind of "brain washed" that DO's weren't real doctors

    I know better now...

    I take my boys to a group of DO peds. and I LOVE them to death!
  12. by   BadBird
    My family Dr. is a DO, he is great, we have also seen others in the group that were MD's and they were great also. I think that after a few years of practice they are all about the same, just like with ADN/BSN once we work together on the floor we all just blend in.
  13. by   kaycee
    One of my favorite ER docs is a DO and he's great. He can crack a back or neck like nobody can. The pt's and staff all love him.
    My PCP is also a DO and is extremely competent and well thought of by all. In fact a lot of MD's use him as their PCP.
  14. by   jamistlc
    I do not think any diffrent of a DO than I do a MD. It is no longer comparing an apple to an orange. At one time here in Ohio they were more like a chiropractor than a Medical practioner. I mean they did not have prescriptive powers and could not order medications.

    In many ways I think Nursing will follow like the Medical profession has. What I mean is there is a division between RN's and LPN's yet many times LPN's do the same job! I hope that in my lifetime this division is eliminated like the division between MD's and DO's. In fact at onetime there was a hospital here that only had DO's on staff and all the other hospitals in this city had only MD's on staff. This has changed in the past twenty years they work along side each other and do the same job!