What a problem!! help please

  1. Sometimes i wonder if my co workers dont take me seriously because im so incredibly good looking..Does anyone else have this problem? I cant help the way i was born..i dont know
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  3. by   heron
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  4. by   tishirajan
    Meh! Nuff said.
  5. by   coffee4metech
    what !?!?! seriously
  6. by   Jalex
    are you kidding?? what makes you so self important!? Im sure that is not the reason!!!
  7. by   BEDPAN76
  8. by   Callmecrazy1234
    it has to be ...there was two days i didnt have time to do my usual hair and make up routine and everyone was my best friend...but as soon as i went back to my usual routine everyone snubbed me...do i really have to ugly it up everyday for my co workers to like me?
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  10. by   Whispera
    I've read the other postings the OP has made...sounds like we have a turnip growing in a field of flowers here... I vote we don't consider this stuff important!
  11. by   sirI
    Maybe you should reflect upon your life, past experiences with relationships and see how others have always related to you.

    Since this is not really nursing-related, will close the thread.