Weekend RN option

  1. My husband and I have been talking about me doing the weekend option where I work 2 12's and get paid for 32. That would allow me to be home with our kids M-F and he could keep the kids S & S. He is off one day during the week so we would still have a day off together. My question is when I negotiate for pay do I ask for the base pay plus shift diff to calculate the pay for my extra 8 hours or do most places just pay base pay when paying you more like this for the weekend option? Any input from those who have done it or know the ropes where you work on it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   JoycMarr
    At the hospital I work for there is no "negotiating" Pay is based on years of experience and all new grads get the same rate. Weekend option pay is already set in stone also. You get what everyone else is making at your ranking, plus your bonus pay, plus so much added on for however many years of experience. Hope this makes sense. I worked Weekend option for years and made twice as much as my peers at the same ranking made, plus I worked half as much. It's great to do if you need to be off during the week for your kids. Once your kids get to school age it's not quite as fun (or at least wasn't for me) I found myself getting bored and lazy. Hubby was always at work and I spent too much time laying on the couch watching TV. Now I work Monday-Friday and I'm on the same schedule as the rest of my family and it's MUCH better.
  4. by   RNMommy2
    The specialty unit I am going to be doing prn's for offers $30 hr during the week and several dollars more for the weekend/night shift. All of their weekends are staffed by prn's so I was going to ask if they would be willing to do the 24 for 32. I was just wondering if the norm would be $30 times 32 hours when you are working 24 or if it would be the actual weekend hourly rate times 32.
  5. by   CritterLover
    it varies place to place.
    [color=#483d8b]where i work, there are two options. one, you get a higher amount, (set -- not based on experience) as your base pay. then, you also get the weekend and shift differential that everyone gets. the other option, you work 24/get paid for 32 or 36. you get weekend and shift differential, but you don't get paid at a higher rate than your peers. the extra hours are considered to be the bonus pay. some places call the second option a baylor plan. both work out well. the first is better if you are a newer nurse. the second is better if you have a high base pay, since the base pay in the first option is set, not dependent on experience.
    [color=#483d8b]at a different hospital in town, they were once paying their weekenders $50/hr. they didn't get any weekend differential. i'm not sure about shift diff, though i suspect they got it. however, if they picked up shifts during the week, their base pay was much lower than $50/hr. this isn't going on anymore, but i just wanted to show that it is all very much facility dependent.
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I am working weekend option currently and it works really well for us for the same reasons previously mentioned. I'm home c the 2yo, I can run errands, no paying for daycare etc. Where I am, you get your base rate based on years of exp plus shift diff (I work 12hr nights) plus weekend diff. Where I am weekend diff is 1.67x your base pay. So it adds up to a pretty nice salary. Plus (and this may be different in other places) your benefits are at the same rate as a fulltime 40hr/week person. The only drawback is, of course, your weekends are usually shot. You miss baby showers, birthday parties, family stuff etc. But it is worth it to us, at least for now. Good luck!
  7. by   leslie :-D
    when i did hospice, baylor position, the don offered me a very attractive base pay.
    and since i worked 7p-7a, i got shift differentials from 7p-11p and 11p-7a;
    PLUS the differential for working weekends.
    i worked 24, got paid for 36.
    nice, nice paycheck.
    am thinking about returning to those hrs again.

  8. by   emmycRN
    I work weekend option in critical care. I work Fri and Sat 12 hours and get paid for 32 hours plus weekend and night shift diff. I LOVE being at home during the week with my 3 year old and being there for my son after school. I was surprised to read so many other posts from moms all over the country doing this same thing. It's a great way to have it all-career and stay at home with kids.

  9. by   hogan4736
    I did 32 hours, and was paid for 40...

    Careful on the math...They tried to sell it as "you're actually making xx dollars per hour, as you're only working 32 hours." Thus lowering the base rate...

    Think in terms of a total on your paycheck...You're getting paid based on 40 hours/week, not 32...

    If you are leaving a job where your paycheck is 2,000, then negotiate the baylor plan where your paycheck is the same...Their math can come up short...

    It was a GREAT life...I was Mr. mom, while my wife worked M-Th...Fridays off together...Small sacrifice now for spouse time, but better on the kids, as there is NO daycare...

    Lots of naps too
  10. by   Indy
    At my facility, I don't work baylor. As I understand it, they pay time and a half for all the 24 weekend hours you work, there is no shift differential. They have two, I think, "paid weekend off" things where you will gradually accrue enough time off to be able to take four days off in a year.

    The benefits are either non-existent or screwy, due to the amount of hours actually worked. They don't base benefits the way they do the hours: that is, you get paid like you worked 36 hours but you certainly don't get insurance and accrue time off like you worked 36 hours. When baylor nurses asked, a bunch of 'em at a time, the vice president of nursing, about this, he said it was their little compromise to be able to keep the baylor program at all.

    So no, I might like the schedule, but I am not going to work for less or no insurance and still be expected to be as dependable as the rock of gibraltar.
  11. by   RunnerRN
    My eyes started to cross reading all the replies, so please forgive if this is a repeat.
    My hospital has 2 weekend option choices. The first is a 24 hr/week benefit eligible, the other is 24 hr/week non-benefit eligible. For the non-benefit eligible, you make $7 more per hour. All weekend option people get the same shift differentials everyone does. I also get my super duper $0.50 BSN differential. I make approx $300-400 more than I made working a 36 hr/week position.
    There is no negotiating pay with my position.
  12. by   SoulShine75
    Do you get to choose your schedule (ex:just weekends) when you work on certain units or are you assigned certain days etc?
  13. by   TheCommuter
    I am an LVN who works the weekend option at the facility where I am employed. Around here, it is better known as the 'Baylor Plan'. I work the two 16-hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and get paid for 40 hours while having Monday through Friday off. Pay rates are not negotiable at my place of employment.
  14. by   MsLady06
    I am still on a waiting list for this position...its hard to get.