wearing perfume to work

  1. thought this would be interesting. what's your policy? i wear a light body splash if any.
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  3. by   FirstYear2005
    Quote from acaringnurse
    thought this would be interesting. what's your policy? i wear a light body splash if any.
    i wear one spritz of a light body splash from bath and body works - just a dab! :kiss
  4. by   Still Riding
    at the hospital that I have my clinicals at we are not allowed anything scented, or any scents on us. This is on signs all over the hospital inciting guests to do the same. sent free enviroment...

    this being said I smell alot of people working and in clinicals that need to learn that less is more.

    But I must admit that I break the rule with my scented deodorant. But I dont' think that anyone would like the alternative smell if I chose not to wear any. LOL.
  5. by   suzanne4
    There are patients that have allergies to perfumes or cologne, it is actually against hospital policy in many facilities to wear any type of cologne at work. Other staff members can also have allergies, best to save it when you are off duty.
  6. by   mandana
    As someone who is very allergic to pretty much every perfume known to man, I'm always so happy to smell people and not fragrance!

  7. by   Grace Oz
    Ditto what suzanne4 wrote.
    Perfume overdoses can be hell for the person subjected to smelling and/or reacting to them.
  8. by   MellyOne
    No perfume, no nail polish...how the heck are we supposed to be pretty in those adrogenous scrubs?!? Not supposed to use perfumed substances in my facility, which involves scented lotions as well. Scented deodorant is allowed however.
    I definitely appreciate the lack of perfumes. I am a bit disappointed that the cleaning solution we use is so strongly scented though. I have the pleasure of regular asthma attacks at work, but I guess if you're going to "bite it," no better place than in the hospital.
  9. by   TypicalFish
    We are encouraged to not wear colonge, scents, etc. And while I have migraines that can be triggered by strong perfume smells, I have to admit, at the end of a "code brown" kind of 12 hour day, It is amazing to smell something good when the nurse relieving is wearing a nice perfume or something, or even aftershave, if it is a guy-just something besides, well you know!.
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    We have a policy against scents.

    This, unfortunately, doesn't mean that people don't sneak it on. I say sneak, but, really, they reek of it.
  11. by   Jessy_RN
    Not a nurse yet, but the policy for clinicals is not perfume, nail polish, artificial nails, business-like makeup etc.
  12. by   GooeyRN
    I used to wear scented lotion to work until I developed severe morning sickness. (actually all day sickness) Any kind of scent sent me running to the bathroom to hurl. Since then, I realized how much scented lotions and perfumes can make people sick, and I wont wear anything since. I wouldn't want my patients w/ gastroenteritis having more problems caused by me!
  13. by   SharonH, RN
    I wear none and I wish the world would adhere to that or at the very least practice some type of moderation. I am not allergic to scents per se but if I am around most of them I get mad heartburn and a headache. Unfortunately I work in an office building and there is some type of competition among both sexes to see who can wear the loudest, strongest perfume/cologne. It's almost rude the amount of scent people wear.
  14. by   KatieBell
    Almost every hospital I've worked at had a policy against it. One ED had a policy about making microwave popcorn in a certain microwave- as it was close to the pt care area.

    One of my worst experiences, was having a migraine, waiting to get back, and the registration people were a. making microwave butter popcorn (nausea), and at the same time, try perfume samples from someone who was doing a Mary Lay like thing...(Double nausea....) It was pretty terrible.
    I don't think they realized how bad the combo was for me....