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I was so upset the other night, I really needed all of your professional opinions!!! I am changing my place of employment next week and hopefully will not have to deal with the following problem... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by GraceyB
    I think that most times we are too loyal to our jobs but management just doesn't give a damn about us. Hope you feel better soon and good luck on your new job.
    Yeah and when was the last time you saw management throw on a pair of scrubs and help out in a crunch! NEVER!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   canoehead
    I work as a supervisor and please, if you are sick, call in. It is much easier to deal with making an assignment or finding a replacement at the beginning of a shift, rather than trying to shift people around in the middle of a shift. Plus there are always people that say "she wasn't That sick" even if you are dying. They are a pain to listen to. Calling in is healthier for you and easier for me.
    Plus if you MUST come in and need some accomodation call ahead and tell me. It's not fair...but so many times I've heard the migraine, or sore back excuse after someone finds out they are going to be floated that I am just naturally suspicious of that statement.

    By the way, I agree that 10 patients was a lot, and perhaps the unit needs to work out some kind of way to take turns floating so everyone knows who gets the honor next, no debates after a pt has been seen by one nurse and another shows up.
  3. by   sjoe
    I say again:
  4. by   nurse2002
    Whether you are sick or dead ive already decided whatever facility, unit or floor you work on anybody you let is going to try to take advantage of you. The adon, don, administraion, charge nurse and other nurses. Ive always tried to help others when it is needed,(even when its not needed). Ive gone into work at the last minte when they are short staffed. Floated to diff units where they are very rude to me. Ive always been a nice happy person and considerate of others. I have found out if you try to take up for yourself and not be a "doormat" they will try to make life miserable for you.
    I honestly am beginning to think it is not to my advantage to try to help colleages at work. Because then when it comes a time that I need to be covered (shifts and such), need help wih a cunfused pt, Need help when I get behind and others are "sitting at the station", 99% of the time I am on my own. But others still expect my help because ive always volunteered.
    I f you are sick dont go into work, because you wont get a lighter load. I know most of this reply is off the subject but I just kept typing......thinking and typing......lol
  5. by   nurse2002
    Originally posted by nurse-lou
    Yeah and when was the last time you saw management throw on a pair of scrubs and help out in a crunch! NEVER!!!!!!!!!

    Nurse lou, Ive never seen anyone in administration put on a pair of scrubs. I know my last post sounds like I am really unhappy with my profession right now. I am. Im sick of walking onto a unit that is short staffed. So short staffed that my license is on the line. And god help us if we say anything. Im sick of being a nurse and not having time to help with such things as helping a cna get a pt to the bathroom. But of course I help because that is part of being a nurse. Then I get behind in my duties. And as I said in my earlier reply. Who is there to help us when we get behind due to short staffing?
    Also, while im at it, last week I had a patient I ran my a## off or all day. This woman got great care. My god, she had her own little waitress! Then complained that I was slow because I didnt get her a diet drink fast enough. Well the waitressing days are over.
    The days of my helping everyone and thier mother are over.
    The doormat days are over.
    I am rambling.....I think I need to vent. But my god, WTF do these facilities think we are? Wonder women? What is wrong with co-workers who think they are too good to help (thank you to those who do)? What is wrong with the whole healthcare system? Money. People who make the rules dont give a D### about the patients or the employees, everything is wonderful to them as long as they get the big salaries, dont lose thier jobs or dont get sued.
    Well, venting felt good. Im going to do it again soon.