I just started to recall how hard it was for me to get into a nursing school!!!!!!!!! After graduating from high school, I had a difficult time trying to get into a college nursing program. The... Read More

  1. by   shyviolet78
    I haven't applied for the BSN program yet, but the counselor at my school told me that out of 100 spaces each fall and spring semester, they have about 250-300 applicants. I don't know how many are actually qualified, but I've heard that many of the applicants that were not accepted did not have all of the general education pre-req's done or had a GPA below 2.5 (the minimum at my school).
  2. by   mandyRN2B

    I am actually going through the same deal. They haven't told me that I am not accepted, just I am jumping through so many loop holes. The pre-req's alon will drive you crazy. So I hope it will be better,
  3. by   RN2Bn2003
    I have been accepted into the nursing program and I am still jumping through hoops. I think it is not the classes that makes us stressful but it is the administration. At my college they have decided not to grant any student loans for the summer. I found this out when I went to apply for the fall. I have been attending summer classes for 3 weeks now and I found out that I have been dropped for lack of payment. After 3 hours of arguing they decided to front me the money until my fall loan comes through. They will increase my fall loan by the amount that I need for the summer. Now I ask you, why dont they just give me my summer loan? I was told that they dont want to put students in a financial bind during the summer and that the default ratio was too high. So now I am being put into a class of deadbeat loan payers. I think things would run so much smoother if they would just kill all the administration positions. We nursing students have enough stress in our lives.
  4. by   PeggyOhio
    I was just watching the video of the Senate Hearing on the Nursing Shotage from 2/13/01.

    Senator Hutchinson of Arkansas made this statement. "There is a critical shortage of nurse educators as well as nurses. In 1999 in Arkansas, 153 qualified candidates were not admitted to Arkansas R.N. programs due to insufficient numbers of qualified faculty and nursing learning labs, and budgetary funding."

    This may be why so many of you are finding it difficult to get into nursing programs.

    It doesn't appear to be a problem that is going to go away any time soon.
  5. by   CMAtoRNPLZ
    You may have read my post above already, but today I was told that I wouldn't be allowed into the clinical program until 2004! I have been trying for 3 YEARS to get in. I just cried and cried today. I'm so frustrated. Our school has had a 3-4 waiting list for the past 5 years because of low funding and not enough qualified instructors. There is no other school in teh area, which also contributes. Luckily I already have a medical degree so I can work and make $12 a hour..but it's not what I really want. Some places still have these dreaded waiting lists!
  6. by   lesliee
    When I decided I wanted to go college and become a nurse, I applied at our local community college for the ADN program. The wait to get into a 2-year program was 4 years. Common sense prevailed, I applied for a BSN program that didn't have a waiting list, but admitted people on a "point system" and got my 4 year degree in less time it would have taken me to get my 2-year degree. Hundreds of people applied to the BSN program and they accept 30 new students a year. Crazy.
  7. by   CEN35
    I applied in 1992 and was told I had to wait 4 years. I had taken the majoraty of my pre-reqs already. I took one class a quarter, since I had 4 years to kill. Then after two years they called me, and asked if I wanted in in 1994 (2 years later). They claim they base the wait off how many applied and are "allegedly" waiting. Many of the "waiters", turned it down, or didn't have the pre-reqs done, which moved others up on the list.
    However, now there is a huge decrease in the areas nursing school, student population. about 30% of our schools here are at 50% capacity. The rest are between 70-98% capacity. This doesn't include the other schools that went belly up either.
  8. by   Brown Suga
    I have applied to two universities for acceptance into a BSN program. I was denied both times and thought about chaning majors. But could not see myself doing anything else that would make me happy. I decide to apply to a ADN program and got accepted I will start the program this august. I believe if you want something you need determination to achieve your goals. I had tendencies of giving up because I really wanted the BSN program intead of the ADN program. The nurses I work with tell me there is not a differnce when it comes to pay. Besides, after I complete the ADN program I can get hired on with a hospital and go back to complete a BSN while receiving tution remebrusitment.
  9. by   essarge
    Our university has no waiting list and plenty of openings. You are admitted into the BSN program after the pre-req's are out of the way. The school is not expensive and offers a great education.

    If moving or living in a dorm isn't a problem e-mail me and I'll give you the phone number to call....they have plenty of openings!!!

    email addy: essarge@excite.com
  10. by   mlvogt
    The school where I applied only accepts 60 students a year (on average only half graduate) I know for a fact that last year 120 people applied I did and did not get accepted. well anyways I applied again and am waiting for my letter of acceptance! YEEEAAAHHH I was told that 130+ people applied this year and that next year they are only going to be taking 55 students I dont understand with the shortage shouldn't they be boosting the # rather than decreasing it.
  11. by   StaceRacer1
    I aggree!!!!!!! BUT there are not enough NURSING INSTRUCTORS to teach effectively. I understand that to be successful in school, a student needs to have a good TEACHER!!
    I was one of those students that wanted undivided attention. SINCE I was PAYING OUT the WAZOO for IT afterall, they owed it to me. I believe that this can be the only reason why colleges and diploma programs only accept so many students.

    I have an idea!! It may not sound that great, but what if all students applying to NURSING school had to follow some tpye of internship for atleast a week to see the "REALITY" of what a NURSE really does on the job. To show that it is not like"General Hospital", "ER", or any other TV show. Maybe this would cut down on the amount of students that drop out before the first class is completed. And instead would leave a valuable space open to the nurse that really wants it!!! Just LIKE ME back before I became a nurse.
    What do you think?????????
  12. by   RN2BEsoon
    I had to wait two years to get into the BSN program. They were accepting 120 and had approx 300 applications. We had a host of prereq's required and they admitted by GPA's starting at 4.0. They filled our program and only got to GPA's of 3.8. It is extremely competitive. There are only two other BSN programs in the immediate area. Being the Nation's Capital you would think we would have more nursing schools. [img]null[/img]