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  1. The effects of the past week on LTC residents

    I worked Sept 11th and the mood in the building was awful. I had residents whose children worked at the pentagon - thankfully they were not there at the time. I have a 103 yr old resident worried about her nephew, an international banker in New Yor...
  2. MDS info sources

    Thanks Talino... That's a good start for sources. I've never even heard of google - thanks for the info! Lesliee
  3. MDS info sources

    Hello forum, I'm a relatively new nurse (just over a year) working in long term care as a floor nurse and as MDS coordinator. My problem is that, this MDS position was given to me with no formal training. I got the manual and a backlog of MDS's and...
  4. NEED HELP to rid the Nurseing Home Blues

    Hmm...what part of PA is Titusville? I'm an RN working LTC along with an LVN - and like people who've posted before me, I don't let a set of initials get in the way of getting the job done. I'm happy where I'm at here in Northern CA., but have fami...
  5. Humbling, isn't it? I was shattered when I made my med error right after nursing school. Like you, I was always one consuling other students who had made mistakes. Nothing like a little smack of reality to get you more vigilant! You'll live...you...

    BRAVO! :)

    BRAVO! :)
  8. When I decided I wanted to go college and become a nurse, I applied at our local community college for the ADN program. The wait to get into a 2-year program was 4 years. Common sense prevailed, I applied for a BSN program that didn't have a waitin...
  9. Nurses Week--What did you get?

    Nothing...not even a "Happy Nurse's Week".
  10. Power Trip!

    Ok people...I need advice. What is one to do when a nurse that you've worked the floor with is promoted to a supervisory position and the power immediately goes to her head? For instance, she came bellowing into work today because someone parked in...
  11. malpractice insurance for RN's? Help!

    RNinMay: I'm surprised your school didn't make you get malpractice insurance while you were a student...mine did! There are people out there who are convinced that buying life insurance means that they will die soon. I think that is the case with s...
  12. 2-step Mantoux testing?

    I have a question and hope someone can point me in a direction of more information. My facility is in the process of considering switching from regular yearly PPD testing to two-step testing. I understand the theory behind two-step testing to be th...
  13. I'm less than a year into this profession myself, and just wanted to state for the record that during my last semester of nursing school, one of our assignments was to contact a nursing bulletin board and begin discussions, take polls, etc. We actua...
  14. What Freaks You Out?

    Nasty, nasty stuff! Ugh...I thought what freaked me out most was the sound of retching, but now reading all these posts I find myself lost for words..lol. Geez, it's critical that nurses have a sense of humor, isn't it? How else can we stay in th...
  15. BSN minimum requirement

    I haven't read all the replies to this post, so maybe this issue has already been addressed. Why such aminosity towards nurses with BSN degrees? I really don't understand why people look down upon others that want to further their education - espec...