Walking off in the middle of report?

  1. I am soo annoyed! This is the second time this one nurse has done this. If I tell her I don't know something off the top of my head, (like what meds the pt is on) she will get up in the middle of report and say " I am going to go check the chart"...and then she will go and get up and check the chart. Even after I said I can look it up in the computer. What the ? So I go over after her and tell her that I have the information on the computer...she says not to worry about it....then I say well are we done then?...and she says yes... She keeps doing these type of weird passive aggressive things like this and pretends it is not a big deal. But then, the next day I will find out that that is all she could talk about for the rest of the night.
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  3. by   RNroseshea
    She sounds like a psycho from hell!!!..very close to some that I work with so try to ignore her although I know that it is hard.
  4. by   TazziRN
    There was a night nurse who would constantly interrupt me during report...not with questions, but with snide remarks about the pt or the doc. I just stopped talking until she stopped, then kept going. A few times I gave up and walked away and told her "When you're ready to finish, let me know."

    That would be my suggestion for you the next time she does it, just tell her "When you're ready to finish, let me know", and go do something else that needs to be done.
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    I lose my patience with things like this, especially at the end of the shift when I wish to go home. I would hand her the report, pack my things and keep it moving. No, actually, I know I can't do that, but, if it continued, I think I would do something rebellious like that...
  6. by   Scrubby
    Ummm yes you can keep giving the handover when they interrupt. When i worked on the ward and the nurses tried to talk over me, i'd speak loudly and just keep giving the handover until they got the message. If they fail to listen and take in the information about the patient then that is their responsibility not yours. One nurse tried to report me but i told the manager that she had her back to me gossiping with another nurse while i handed over and she copped it not me. And if they need to ask something that's fine, just not interrupting with gossip about the patient and stuff that's not important. And if they can't stop talking and listen to me, well read my documentation in the case notes then.....
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  7. by   FireStarterRN
    She must be awfully insecure to resort to these tactics to bolster her sagging ego. She needs therapy...
  8. by   nurseinlimbo
    I had a similar experience with a night shift nurse who would roll her eyes and make fun of me during report. At times she would emphasize info she thought I should include, and then if I included it the next time, she'd ridicule me for telling her something she didn't need to know.
    I left the job, so can't tell you what works, but I wouldn't let her get to you, just do your report and carry on. It might get worse before it gets better but if you don't let it affect you then she gets no payoff.
  9. by   nursej22
    This sort of behavior is called "lateral violence", or what used to be called eating our young. Either way it is unacceptable. I have read a couple of articles that coach nurses, especially new grads on how to confront this osrt of behavior and let people know you aren't going to take it.
    Eye rolling ? " I see by your expression that you want to say something. I am interested in what you have to say".
    Walks off in report? " I learn better from people who are clearer in their feedback. Do you have some advice for me?"
    Talking behind your back? " I understand you have something to say about me. I would rather hear it directly form you than form the other staff."
    And it is very important that you refrain from the same sorts of things. No one will treat you like a professional if you don't act like one.
  10. by   Weeping Willow
    One of the nurses who relieves me has to stop first and call her child to get up for school. I understand and really don't mind, except that she never excuses herself and almost always is already late in arriving.

    Her latest thing is that she will be flipping through her personal day planner while I am trying to give report!!! This is so rude! Why bother to get report if you can't give your attention to the report for 5 minutes?

    I know she is angry at me about another issue but I felt I had to stand my ground on that issue, whereas I had previously always been in agreement with everything she said. I just keep going, try to give a very brief, succinct report, figure they'll call me if a burning question arises, or they can read my report sheet and my progress notes.

    You might need to knock on the table lightly but firmly enough to get her attention and tell her you need to finish talking so you can leave - your ride is leaving, your child, your sitter, whatever excuse you want to use, and tell her she can look up the meds later but right now you are going to finish reporting. There is just no reason for you to have to hand around while she reads the MARS and charts. Also, I guess you should try to have ready all the information you know now that she wants.
  11. by   NursePaula
    Another thought might be to give report "at the chart" and then when she starts to look through the chart, just keep going on with the report, ask if she has any questions when you finish, and leave her at the chart and you move on...
  12. by   banditrn
    All this is why taping report works so well. We had an overlap in ICU - they went in to listen to report while we finished up - then before you leave if they have any questions they can ask them.
  13. by   JennieJenRN
    We give report at the bedside.
    If a nurse interrupts me I tell them to wait and listen, If they ask a question that I have already addressed I tell them I went over this already.
    If they ask me something that was not relevant to my care I tell them I did not need that info to take proper care of my pt but, if you need to know feel free to look it up! You have to stand your ground, have confidence in your nursing care and judgment. They know this gets to you don't let it.
    If need be write out report and after verbal hand it to her. If she talks about it ask her if she read your report and if she has a problem to speak with you as this is how PROFESSIONAL people act.
  14. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from TazziRN

    That would be my suggestion for you the next time she does it, just tell her "When you're ready to finish, let me know", and go do something else that needs to be done.

    Yep. This always happened to me with one very mean nurse who loved to point out everything I did wrong or didnt' do..

    So finally one day, she got up and left during report. I got up and said, "Let me know if you have further questions, I'll be back tomorrow" I packed up my stuff and left.

    It's amazing how well that works.