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60 Minutes Sunday: December 29, at 7 p.m. ET/PT As over 120,000 nurse positions go unfilled in the U.S., recruiters must seek nurses in countries like South Africa, which can ill afford to... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    disgusting.....we once again, abuse our power in the most vulnerable countries...while screwing our own citizens in the process. Oh the good ole American Way!
  2. by   susanmary
    I sent a letter to CBS essentially stating that I believe they "missed the mark" regarding the nursing shortage. I believe that nurses are leaving acute care for primarily two reasons:
    1. Working conditions.
    2. Benefits.

    The ultimate "Survivor" show in my opinion would be to have a contestant follow a med-surg nurse for a 12 hour shift -- let's see how long they'd last. Seriously, the show should have gotten down into the trenches with nurses -- followed them around -- missed the point. Very disappointed.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Why give experienced, qualified, U.S. citizen-nurses what they deserve when we can rape the 3rd world at a fraction of the cost? Believe me, they don't think they missed the mark and they won't care. Sad.
  4. by   xantha31669
    I also sent a little note to CBS, let's get the bulliten board going and inundate them with mail, it will only take a few minutes of your time and show some solidairity from different nurses in different fields from all over the country, kind of a grass roots effort. I know I am looking at this through rose colored glasses but we have got to try or things will never get better for us.


  5. by   sjoe
    "the hospitals are using these recruiting companies that promise the moon!"

    Actually, according to this program the salaries being offered began around $25K/year plus "help" with finding a place to live, etc. (Specifically, the program said the annual wages in SA were in the area of $5K/year and the recruiters were offering 5 or 6 times that much.) And this is for the most experienced nurses to be found.

    PS: I emailed CBS, as well, and suggested that if anyone in their news department were really interested in the subject, have that person surf this BB for a few weeks and learn what actually is going on.
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  6. by   hapeewendy
    I watched it and was excited during the first few minutes thinking to myself , finally our true worth will be recognized by the masses.. watching that frazzled nurse, totally relating to her and what have you ,and then in a matter of minutes we travel to a far away land and watch nurse recruiters in action, have I missed something? yeah I missed something and so did anyone watching, I missed not being able to address the REAL issues at hand !!
    mind you , being a nurse in Canada I wanted to look up more on the recruiters because lately I have been contemplating a move , partially for professional reasons (nursing here in ontario is going through some struggles of its own) and partly for personal reasons (a new start, new environment, change etc)
    I will also drop a line to the CBS people, saying sadly I think they missed their mark on this story ...
  7. by   Q.
    Great email, Stargazer. Perfect.
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    Well, i wrote to them too.

    I hope they'll understand that their very lives may one day depend on how this story is covered today.

    They can either keep ignoring the problems, or watch in dismay as the inevitable happens....
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    why wasn't the entire show on the nursing shortage?

  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    I have another question:

    if these nurses are not US citizens, what are their legal responsibilities in the case of a lawsuit?

    Like, what do they lose?

    won't they be the perfect company toadies if they don't have to be accountable for their care, the way we are?

    something to think about...
  11. by   Stargazer
    thanks, susy!
    originally posted by love-a-nurse
    why wasn't the entire show on the nursing shortage?
    because 60 minutes has a very specific format--3 stories, 15 minutes per story, commercials, and a little rant by andy rooney at the end--a formula from which i have rarely, if ever, seen them deviate in the bazillion years this show's been on the air.

    15 minutes would've been a good start if they had stuck to the real story.
  12. by   P_RN
    My 2 cents worth has been donated to the cause. This was nothing more than a space filler in my opinion. "Hey there's a problem...hey they've solved a word from out sponsor."

    Of course 20/20 and the NBC Jane Pauley thingy (can't think of the name) probably wouldn't do any better.
  13. by   nursing 101
    If they had let the Prof. from Penn U talk I think she would've addressed the issues. For some reason it seems like they cut off part of the interview or is it just me? Anyway it's so sad that a country like the Big US of A's that has alot of money and has the ability to take care of this shortage would rather take care of other nurses from other countries. Yes these nurses are working in poor conditions but so are the nurses here!