Vanity,all is vanity

  1. Nursing can be a frustrating profession,frustation with administration,frustration with patients,frustration with co workers,frustration with doctors,frustration with families and frustration with self.
    The question is,how, in spite of the frustration ,do nurses remain hopeful and believe that what their doing has a purpose and is meaningful?,and for that matter,given the suffering and pain that we see, how can nurses believe that even life is meaningful and with purpose?

    I didnt know where to put this post,if it should have gone to the off the topic classification,my apology,maybe I need a theology or philosophy place to post this.
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Watch a mid 60's pt with marked left side weakness due to an evolving stroke completely reverse within 45 minutes of receiving a thrombolitic. Think of how his life and the life of his family would have been forever changed had this stroke finished evolving.

    Or, the Acute MI, who without definitive care would die before your eyes, come back to the ED every year on the anniversary of his MI and thank everyone there, whether you worked him or not. He normally comes in with his wife, and kids, who still have a daddy.

    These are the things that make me know that for every 1000 dental pains, 4 day long fevers with no meds, the short staff days, and everything else that makes you want to throw up your hands and quit, that I do make a difference in the life and quality of life of complete strangers. Most who are very grateful.

  4. by   Amy ER Nurse
    Or talking to the 14 yr old girl that was sexually abused by her own father since the age of 5. She was on her way to the psyc ward. We talked for about 1/2 hour, then she told me with a hug, " you are the kind of person I want to grow up to be like" !! We both cried. Wow, what a great night it was to be a nurse!!!
  5. by   judy ann
    You know it's worth it when a 34 week baby is born and you have been a part of the team that have kept her pregnant since 22 weeks.--- and she has lost three other babies due to prematurity. You know it's worth it when you are the person who is there holding a wrinkled hand, when the dear old lady breathes her last and "goes to God " with a smile on her face. You know it's worth it when you run into a CNA that you worked with years ago and she calls you "my nurse", and starts telling you all the things she learned from you. There are so many times that you know it's worth it. Even sometimes when you get home after a horendous shift and you are wasted, you know it's worth it because you gave it eveything you had and you are proud of that.
  6. by   micro
    You just do........
    you know it in your heart(aka: mind) that you make a difference and you go back for more
  7. by   thisnurse
    amen micro!
  8. by   leeriza
    " I have the blues because I have no shoes
    Till I met a man who has no feet".:zzzzz
  9. by   BadBird
    When a family says "thank you for taking away all the what if's, I know everything was done for mom" .
  10. by   night owl
    Because we believe that doing what we do HAS a purpose and IS meaningful and that is the purpose of our make a difference...and we certainly do make that difference each and every day. Three cheers for us!
  11. by   prmenrs
    You are all sooo right. I'm looking back now, and I'm happy I did what I did. God does steer us down the right path!
  12. by   hoolahan
    I have a new pt in home health, she fills her own med organizer. She has been very non-compliant in the past due to her forgetfulness. When I went there and examined how she was taking her pills, she was taking her levoxyl at night, and all her anti-hypertensives in the am. She told me she was really tired, depressed, and also dizzy.

    I helped her re-do her organizer by putting her thyroid med in the am, splitting up the BP meds, and giving her a written plan to keep that up. She was droopy, didn't even get dressed, and I observed she had been sleeping on the couch before I came. I had asked her if she was fatigued, and she said, no just depressed.

    Today, I went back, being I had only seen her once, I went into the elevator and a woman came around the corner and said, nurse are you looking for me? And she said her name. I couldn't believe it was the same woman. She was dressed nicely, smiling, and walking with a little pep. She said, you know, I know you just called me a half hour ago and said you were coming, but I forgot and started my laundry. I can't leave it, someone may steal it. (In this place I believe it!) I said no problem, we'll visit in the laundry room (no one else was there.) She said she felt so much better, and I am thinking it is really b/c she needed the levoxyl in the am. Such a really small thing I am able to do for her, and make a big difference in her quality of life. At the end of our visit, 2 people came in and said, "Nurse, would you check my BP?" Sure, have a seat.....

    It is the knowing that you can make a difference that keeps you coming back for more.
  13. by   carlalogan
    As a student nurse, it is so nice to hear these stories It seems so many of them are negative and discouraging. I understand that is what these boards are for...but it is nice to hear positive statements thanks!
  14. by   NurseDennie
    I've said this before, but when somebody says "Here comes the nurse" and you can FEEL the relief in their voices and see it on their faces.